Unique Skills

New players should make it a priority to obtain all the U skills.

  • Start with a gorrioz and obtain the Leader (add 3 dinoz to your account: more money/more time to play/more skills to devlop) and Engeener (every day more goblin merguez and less life to lose; very powerfull in war) skill.
  • A Santaz or Cloud for the professor skill (more XP for ALL dinoz).
  • A Rocky for a Merchant (a warm bread will cost 5400 and you will receive 110 ) and/or Priest (faster HP recovery for ALL dinoz).
  • A Sirain for Cooker (more HP from eating items for ALL dinoz) and/or Storekeeper (more storege for items in inventory)

These are key skills to have that greatly enhance your play. You need only ever get the U skills once and they will always effect ALL your dinos even when the U skilled dino is frozen.

Group Play

Moving around and doing missions in groups saves HP and increases the amount of gold earned in combat. Groups of 3 will have to rest much less. Try to get your groups synched up doing the same missions at the same time.

Group, Ungroup, Regroup Cheat.

When your group encounters most mission bosses they have the option of fighting the boss as a group instead of one on one. This makes these fights much easier. Especially if the whole group is doing the same mission.

Just regroup and let the one who does the mission be the leader. Make sure that all involved dinoz are able to move before you start the dialog. So for 3 dinoz you have to build three different groups and make the quest three times. The benefit is, that they fight together. Nearly all quests in the steppes can be made this way.

  • All dinos in the group must have an active turn.
  • Have the leader press the Fight action and all dinos will fight together. They will not use their action however.
  • Ungroup the group and regroup with a new leader and press fight again. Repeat until all of the dinos have fought the boss.

Skill Planning

It's very important to imagine what levels you want to have in the distant future and not waste skill level unlocks. Dinos with great odds of rolling an element can start multiple skill paths. Dinos with a one square chance of rolling an element should only follow one path (ie Air on a Rocky). With ideal planning you will never have to unlock a level of skills more than once.

EX. Assuming for skills on a dinoz you want: vivacious, vacum, specialist. A good leveling will be:
mistral, agility, strategy => unlock => tornado, dodge, analize => unlock => level 3 air skills.
Your dinoz need to get 11 air to have the skills you want. Here you use only 2 unlocks to have 3 air skills you want.
If you unlock one by one, your dinoz will grow like this:
mistral=> unlock=> tornado=> unlock=> vivacious wind
agility=> unlock=> dodge=> unlock=> vacuum disk
strategy=> unlock=> analyze=> unlock=> specialist
This time your dinoz need to get 15 air. here you have 4 useless unlocks that will not help much your dinoz(just the power of the skill)

Don't worry and panic if one of your dinoz is not going on the "right" skills it should go. Ex: sirian going on fire rather than water. Just learn and chose wisely. You have 3 choices:

  • go for double skills;
  • go for recomanded first path:
    • Wrath -> Warm Blood -> Burning Heart
    • Carapace -> Vines -> Primal State
    • Mutation -> Ventral Pouch -> Sumo
    • Celerity -> Double Hit -> Career Plan
    • Agility -> Dodge -> Elasticity
  • try another path.

You can always sell, freeze or sacrifice one dinoz.

XP becomes very hard to come by as your dinos get higher in level. If one does all the missions currently in the game, one right after the other, your dino will end up around 33rd level with nothing left to do but battle random monsters. For this reason it can be an advantage to save mission XP until later in the game. For example the first 10 levels are easy to obtain without doing a single mission. Early on monsters like the smashroom give a lot of XP at high levels they give almost no xp. For this reason it is also advisable to save the Venerable's massive XP bonus until you really need it.

Career Plan Cheat

With the Career Plan skill your dino can roll two times at level up. If you don't like your first roll you can roll again and try for a new skill. However if you don't like your second roll you can go back to the first choice.

  • After examining both options DO NOT pick a skill at all.
  • Clear your browser cache and quit the browser application.
  • Sign back into Dinorpg and you will have your first skill roll as an option again.

Kabuki Eggs

Once you have done the Kabuki quest you can find two more eggs at the Totem Island. Yakuzi will grant you one randomly if you talk with him. Each day the game randomly assigns the hour that you can find the egg at Totem Island. Therefore, if one were to check once each hour, every hour, from 00:00 to 24:00 server time you would be certain to get an additional egg. Server time can be found in the upper right corner under game help.

Goblin Merguez

Goblin merguez is free healing. You can obtain them from the Merguez seller in the Ashpouk Ruins. When you are at the ruins you can stock up all of your dinos with merguez in their battle slots. If you keep one Dino at the Merguez seller always, you will have an endless supply of Merguez that is very helpful when developing Dinoz early on. As an added bonus the dino that one keeps there should have the excavate ability for more of a daily advantage. With the right skills one has a chance to find the most valuable ingredients in the game.

Making Money

The option of selling items and dinos at the Tamers Market gives players the opportunity to farm for gold. There are several types of farmer dinos.

  • The Elemental Farmer: Because 5 energies are need to complete the elemental masters missions these can be easily sold at the tamers market. A set of 5 can go for 15k to as high as 40k
  • Dino Farming: Because masters need to sacrifice dinos in order to acquire Demon notes, one can make selling dinos on the market. Complete Grandpa's missions and try to sell your dino around level 10. This way you earn a bit of money doing the missions and get the money from the sale.
  • Sphere Farming: Each dino acquires a random elemental sphere when completing the Elemental Master's missions. The skills these spheres unlock are highly prized. Currently a or sphere costs from 280 to 350
  • Kabuki, Santaz and Feross eggs can be farmed but prices are unpredictable.
  • Demons can be created and sold as well for large amounts on coin.

Many ignore the gathering skills, but on long time I belive they are very important. I will give you a short example: 2 teams: 2 sirans and 2 pteroz/santaz( team = one sirian+1 pteroz). Sirians having Master Fisher and Pteroz having sharp-eye. In 12 days just moving them from frish port to fountain of youth they will clear the grid on each location, so you will get like this:

  • 28X75 leaves = 2100
  • 11X130 mushrooms = 1430
  • 14X100 lujidanee = 1400
  • 4X 300 avenger = 1200
  • 1X1500 expensive fish = 1500
  • clearing the grid = 1000

It makes a total of 9630 equivalent of 10 irmas/almost 12 with merchant skill.

Player VS Player

PvP fighting in war times and at the dome can be the most fun test of your dinos. There are several things one should consider to be effective in PvP.

  • A group of 5 is a must. For this reason one should make a squad leader who has the wood skills Sympathetic and Charisma. Gorilloz, Castivorous, Wanwans and Feross are the best choices for these. You will see that most high level masters choose Demon Wanwans as their team leaders. This is due to their speed.
  • Speed is a must. They key to winning quickly is to remove your opponents first and out number your enemy. To do this you must strike first and hardest. Often the team that uses Flood, Hypno or Blackhole first is the team that wins. Try to avoid skills that reduce speed and initiative. Seek out skills that add to initiative and speed.
  • Initiative determines the order of battle. The dino with the most initiative will be the dino to go first. A dino with the skills Hazard, Warm Blood, Sprint, and Reflex (and with no initiative reduction skills) will almost always go first, but there is a random initiative that is assigned each dino added as well which may give a dino a head start. The skill detonation boosts the dinos initiative when set off.
  • Healing will give you staying power. Leafy dawn is an important PvP skill. The more leafy healers your team has the better. An ideal healer would be Bubble as well.
  • The Double skill Bubble makes your dino very hard to kill. Bubble dinos cannot be hurt by remote attacks (like lightning) unless they are wood skills (and there aren't too many of these).
  • Some skills are useless in combat. For this reason skills like the U skills and the gathering skills should be not be picked on a heavy duty fighter. Many skills should be turned off if not needed. The Rocky skill Rock is one to shut off. Also if you know you will be battling an all bubble team then it is advisable to shut off all long ranged attacks. Skills can be shut off once you have the Shaman's.
  • Earth Tremor is natural weapon against bubble.
  • Primal State: will cancel: acupuncture, torch. Also the E Skill, Flying, so be sure to have it turned on in places where you might meet flying enemies such as the Islands, Forrest (good for peskey Bats), and Katacombs. It will also cancel Immaterial. Tip: for a torch dinoz put 1-2 lighter on to counter the primal state effect...hoping that the dinoz will use them wisely.

E Attack Skills

There are very few of these for a reason in the game. Because they can really add up the damage. Cold Shower, Combustion, Brazier, Sting are the only pure E attack skills.

Not buy energies for elemental master mission.

On french server the price will always be over 45 for 5 energies far to expensive. Team of 3 dinoz all with elemental fission: 3 grids - 108 irmas (no other dinoz will energize there!!!). Cost: 87.480 Results:
- 9 energies - on market more than 100
- 18 energies - 7200 - on itinerant
- about 15.000 - from the 36 battles
- and 450 - for all 3 dinoz (2 high level and one level 8)
so you see that worth selling some energies rather than buying!

Place a gathering rocky or glidwings at marketplace if you have 21 dinoz and 6-8 gatherers - one day go from marketplace to bruteforce..return ; - you can place offers at marketplace and always know what happens there; - if you have many ingredients and Itinerant is far away/not buying a ingredient(also if you already donate some to clan and think is enough for a week..) Shady Man can be a good option. -why a rocky/glidwings..of course to gather and energies from bruteforce.

Never buy food.

A warm bread cost 6000 = 6.6 irmas. Use one irma to send the dinoz to rest more than 24H. In one or two days you will move 6 times(5 irmas + one normal move). That mean from 18-80 depending on the level of your dinoz. U-skill Priest, Regeneration; Cocoon will help recovering faster.
your dinoz have to fight with a powerfull beast and you need more than half of his life.
during war or championship when you have to attack/defend and have very good


You can jump Quarrel and (Un)Fair Trade form Soft Shaman missions if you want to hurry to get the spheres form Elemental Missions.

Frozen dinoz and combat gear. Before you will froze your dinoz fill his combat gear with precious items( Relaxative Pill, Monochromatic, so on..); this way your maximum number of available items will increase and you can use them anytime you want.

You don't have to leave a dinoz in Demon Shop all time. You can check the dinoz you can buy here:

Don't buy more than 3 dinoz from same race at one time - you can end having clones.

Klutz hint

Before clicing on 'Nimbao here i come' put cursor on it and check page adress. There will be a word depart and number after it.;sk=4417b
If it will be 1, 2, 3 Klutz will crush at fish port, basalt slopes or island, if 4 or 5 you will reach Nimbao.