Mutant Falls
Master Hydragol
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)

The Mutant Falls are one of the most popular places for Zenzen monks to meditate. That's why you can often find them walking around here. They often sit on large waterlily pads, and try to meditate for as long as possible ... without being swept away by the current! Many monks who fall asleep often fall in and are never seen again.

Gives you Fountain Pearl the Fountain Pearl and access to Grumhel Forest.

  • You need Buoy Buoy to access Atlantean Islands.
  • You have to talk with Master Hydargol at The Mutant Falls.
  • Then talk with The Monk at The Frish Port and he's going to give you Waterlilly Pads the pads.
  • Take them to Master Hydargol and he will give you the Fountain Pearl.
  • Speak with Atlantean Guard to learn about Scorpscuba and how to get to Underwater Dome.
  • Go to The Coral Mines and speak with The Coral Miner.
  • He will give you Lucky Shovel the Lucky Shovel.
  • Dig for Pure Water Pure Water in the Fountain Of Youth.
  • Dig for Sticky Mud Sticky Mud in the Sticky Swamp.
  • Dig for Basalt Shard Basalt Shard in The Basalt Slopes.
  • Every time you use the Lucky Shovel it Broken Shovel Breaks and you have to ask The Coral Miner to repair it at Coral Mines.
  • Speak with Joveboze to fight with Scorpscuba (you need lvl 12+)
  • Get Scorpscuba Caller Scorpscuba Caller after winning battle.
  • Go to The Underwater Dome and give Pure Water Pure Water, Sticky Mud Sticky Mud and Basalt Shard Basalt Shard to the Archsage.
  • You have to fight an Earth Elemental Monster to get Zor's Glove the Zor's Glove.
  • Show Zor's Glove the Zor's Glove to Master Hydargol at The Mutant Falls.
  • He will then give you Waterlilly Pads the Waterlilly Pads definitely.