Underwater Dome
Underwater Dome (Atlantean Islands)

The Archsage mansion is at the center of the dome. It's an honorary title given to an Archmage who is too old to use his magic powers. Nonetheless, he is a person of great knowledge even if his words are sometimes too difficult to understand.

You need Scorpscuba Caller the Scorpscuba Caller to get to the Underwater Dome.

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Gives you Zors Glove.

  • Go to The Underwater Dome and give Pure Water Pure Water, Sticky Mud Sticky Mud and Basalt Shard Basalt Shard to the Archsage.
  • You have to fight an Earth Elemental Monster to get Zor's Glove the Zor's Glove.
  • Make sure your Dinoz has enough before talking to Archsage!!!

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