Itinerant Merchant

You can sell the Ingredients to the Interant Merchant, who is found in different places of the Map and he will accept the items as mentioned in the following day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lightning Energy 300gold Pelinae Leaves 75gold Sharpened Flint 150gold Fur Tuft 350gold Lujidanee Grouper 100gold Devourer Seeds 15000gold closed
Air Energy 1000gold White Phalisk Boletus 130gold Ancient Text Fragment 1000gold Sharp Claws 750gold Avenger Fish 300gold all
Fire Energy 4000gold Whimsical Orchid 230gold Precious Old Ring 8000gold Chocolate Horn 1000gold Fridge-Eel 1500gold
Wood Energy 4000gold Figonicia Roots 230gold Fine-cut Chalice 8000gold Vicious Eye 1300gold Globulos 1500gold
Water Energy 4000gold Sadiquae Mordicus 230gold Karat Necklace 8000gold Monstrous Tongue 10000gold Super-Fish 1500gold
Gem in Perfect Condition 30000gold Dorogon Tooth 12000gold
Superior Royal Crown 40000gold