There are different types of items.

  • Usable (Inventory Items) - Items that can be used by your Dinoz, either in combat or instantly from your inventory.
  • Ingredients - Items that can be collected with Collect Skills and then donated to Clans.
  • Special (Status Items) - Also commonly called status items. Special items for special purposes, such as letting you explore new maps.
  • Epic Rewards - User account rewards you get from accomplishing certain goals, such as the unlocked Dinoz trophies or the stamps.
Market Place
Shady Man
Market Place (Dinoland)
Psssst.... psssst!!

With Shady Man you can trade Ingredients for B Treasury Notes.

Pelinae Leaves Pelinae Leaves Lujidanee Grouper Lujidanee Grouper Lightning Energy Lightning Energy Fur Tuft Fur Tuft Sharpened Flint Sharpened Flint
1B = 18 11 4 4 6

Tammer Market

Welcome to the Tamer's Market! Here you can buy and sell Dinoz, ingredients, and other rare items from all over Dinoland!

Treasury Notes required for the purchases in the Tamers Market can be exchanged for the equivalent of
1B = 1.000gold or from the Dinoland Bank.