Dinoz image

  • First open a page, any page, on the en.dinorpg.com server which contains an image of the Dinoz you want to view.
  • Next you need to view the source file of this page: right-click the page and select "View Source" (IE) or "View Page Source" (FF) or use Firebug.
  • A window like this will appear and you need to find the data= and chk= values that refer to the Dinoz you want to view as marked on the image.
    (The easiest way to do this is to perform a "Find in Page" for the name of the Dinoz - the data and chk values will be just above the name)
  • To take an image of Dinoz from your shop, search for something like:
    var so = new SWFObject("http://data.es.dinorpg.com/swf/dino.swf? v=2","sheet0",190,165,8,"#fce3bb");
    so.addParam("AllowScriptAccess","always" );
  • Copy the data and chk values.
  • Once you have the data, you need to make a new URL.
    Use the URL: http://data.en.dinorpg.com/swf/dino.swf?v=0&data=YOURDATA&chk=YOURCHK
  • You should get a new window or new tab showing an error Dinoz received when the URL is incorrect (e.g. because the data and chk are incorrect)
  • Replace the data placeholder (YOURDATA) with the data value
  • Replace the chk placeholder (YOURCHK) with the chk value
  • Then reload the page (F5) and see your lovely Dinoz in all its glory.

You can get different images by using urls below:

  • Normal:
  • Flip:
  • Damaged:
  • Very damaged:
  • Frozen:
  • Inactive:

As you can see changes only the url end - another parameter is added, separated from the main member by &. You can add parameters and create different statements like for example fliped, damaged dino:

You can play with Dino Generator and make your favorite dino. Unfortunately at the end this is still only image.