Health Points

Health points (HP) - the amount of damage your dinoz can survive. Often abbreviated as "HP". Same as "hit points".

Initially dinoz have 100HP. Every attack during Fight decreases number of dinoz HP by amount called damage.

Skills to boost HP:

  • Fire Burning Heart +20HP
  • Fire Waïkikidô +20HP
  • Fire Brave +50HP
  • Water Mutation +30HP
  • Water Sumo +100HP
  • Water Undersea Training +10HP
  • Water Advanced Undersea Training +20HP
  • Wood Growth +20HP
  • Wood Giant +30HP
  • Wood Colossus +50HP


Dinoz can regain lost health while resting. By default they will gain 1HP per hour, but there are skills and items that affect this. Resting will only heal your Dinoz to 50% of their maximum HP, so to get your Dinoz to full health you will need to feed them items or use Dinotown Clinic.

The following skills affects resting:

  • Wood Regeneration
  • Wood Cocoon
  • Wood Priest
  • Fire Heart of the Phoenix (sphere skill)

The following items affects resting:

  • Fountain Pearl Fountain Pearl - does not actually affect resting, but restores 5HP at midnight (game time) to each dinoz at the The Fountain of Youth. This only occurs once per turn.
  • Tick Bracelet Tik Bracelet - does not actually affect resting, but restores 10HP at midnight (game time) to the dinoz wearing it.

Items that allow recover HP:

  • Authentic Warm Bread Authentic Warm Bread
  • Cloud Burger Cloud Burger
  • Grapeboom Grapeboom
  • Meat Pie Meat Pie


You can recover only the HP lost in combat.

Skills that allow healing during battle:

  • Fire Nap
  • Water Acupuncture
  • Wood Precocious Spring
  • Lightning First Aid - after battle
  • Lightning Medicine - after battle
  • Lightning Hospital Porter - after battle
  • Lightning Leafy Dawn

Items that allow healing during battle:

  • Goblin Merguez Goblin Merguez
  • Cloud Burger Cloud Burger
  • Battle Ration Battle Ration
  • Survival Kit Survival Kit


When you fight an opponent who is too strong, or when you enter a fight with too few health points, your Dinoz can die. While dead, your Dinoz can't perform any action. Your Dinoz is immobilised until you resurrect him.

There two ways to resurrect your Dinoz:

  • for free: your Dinoz will return to Dinotown and lose half his experience points earned since his last level up.
  • with an Angel Potion: your Dinoz will remain in the same location and won't lose any experience points.

You can do either, depending on whether you want to spend some Coins.