During your adventures in Dinoland, you will meet many characters. Some of these characters, like Grandpa Joe will set you various Missions.

Your Dinoz can only accept one mission at a time, so choose each mission carfully. Once you have completed the mission, your Dinoz must travel back to the character who set the mission in order to receive your reward.

You can cancel a mission at any point (click on "Mission in Progress" box and then "Give Up" button).
Note: Bear in mind that when you abandon a mission that you will need to restart it from the beginning. Also, you must wait 7 days to restart a previously abandoned mission.

Certain missions are locked at the beginning of the game. In order to unlock them you must first complete the missions which are set, increase your Dinoz' level, or complete certain Quests set by other characters in the game.

Grandpa Joe's Home
Grandpa Joe's Home (Dinoland)
505XP + 16000gold + Angelic Potion + stamps
Brutforce (Dinoland)
70XP + 2350gold + Battle Ration
Twilight Cementery
Twilight Cementery (Dinoland)
120XP + 8500gold + Skully Souvenir + Diamantite Pebble
inotown Clinic
Dinotown Clinic (West)
120XP + 2600gold
Mr Bao Bob's House
Mr Bao Bob's House (Atlantean Islands)
560XP + 10500gold + Dinoland Tour
Edge of the Forest
Edge of the Forest (Grumhel Forest)
220XP + 5500gold + Angelic Potion + Backpack
Big-All-Hot Volcano
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)
465XP + 19000gold + The Strategy Guide in 130 lessons + Rescue Flamelet + 2*Authentic Warm Bread + Angelic Potion + Small Pepper
Forges of the Big-All-Hot
Forges of the Big-All-Hot (Lavapit)
250XP + 10000gold + Amnesiac Rice + Tick Bracelet
Big-All-Hot Volcano
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)
110XP + 13500gold + Air Sphere OR Fire Sphere OR Lightning Sphere OR Water Sphere OR Wood Sphere
Korgons Camp
Korgons Camp (Grumhel Forest)
200XP + 7500gold + Korgon Fins + Authentic Warm Bread
Blacksylva Door
Blacksylva Door (Grumhel Forest)
220XP + 5500gold + 6*Grapeboom + Angelic Potion + Flourishing branch of the warden
Rocky Outpust
Rocky Outpust (Magnetic Steppes)
950XP + 27000gold + 4*Poisonite Injection + 3*Battle Ration + Monochromatic + Authentic Warm Bread
Vegetox Outpost
Vegetox Outpost (Monster Island)
190XP + 3000gold + TODO
Grandpa Joe's Home
Grandpa Joe's Home (Dinoland)
280XP + 5000gold
Klutz' Workshop
Klutz' Workshop (Atlantean Islands)
90XP + 15500gold + gold digger
City of Arboris
City of Arboris (Celestial Island of Nimbao)
240XP + 13500gold + Elixir of Life
Mutant Falls
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)
180XP + 9500gold + Dark Orb Piece of Dark Orb
Dinoville Castle
Dinoville Castle
celestial temple
Celestial Temple (Nimbao)
100treasury + chalice + necklace + crown + Devourer Seeds + lvl 70 unlock
Brutforce (Dinoland)
4000gold + Unlock level 80
Laboratory (Atlantean Islands)
1050XP + 10treasury + 30000gold + 5Sharp Claws + Scorpus Trophy
Air Sphere OR Fire Sphere OR Lightning Sphere OR Water Sphere OR Wood Sphere