Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Carapace Sympathetic Faroe Heritage Gorilloz Spirit
Armour of Ifrit
Vines Precious Spring Forest Keeper Yggdrasil
Hive Queen
Primal State Shock
Blessing of the Fairies
Endurance Growth Cocoon Giant Colossive
Bazalt Armor
Wide Jaw
Search Detective Archeologist
Search Expert
Savagery Korgon Reinforcement Acrobat
Wild Instinct Earth Tremor
Tenacity Charisma Leader
Grand High Babooner
Magic Resistance Tireless


1 Carapace P Increases the armor by 1 -
2 Sympathetic S The Dinoz can be followed by an additional Dinoz -
2 Vines E Decreases the initiative of one enemy by 15 weak
3 Faroe Heritage P Increases the strenght of the wood attacks by 12 and the armor by 1 -
3 Planner C Enables the Dinoz to search an additional square -
3 Primal State E Cancels all positive status of the enemies and all negative status of the Group weak
3 Precocious Spring E All the other Dinoz in the Group recover health points up to the Wood element of the Dinoz weak
4 Gorilloz Spirit E Calls a Gorilloz spirit to help in fight high
4 Forest Keeper P Increases the Wood defense of all Dinoz in the Group by 3 -


1 Endurance P Increases the Wood defense by 2 -
2 Growth P Increases the strength of all assaults by 1 and increase the maximum HP by 20 -
2 Search C Enables the Dinoz to find artifacts in some places -
3 Cocoon S Increases the speed of HP recovery when resting -
3 Wide Jaw P Increases the strength of Wood assaults by 15 -
3 Search Expert C Enables the Dinoz to search an additional square -
3 Detective C Enables the Dinoz to find uncommon artifacts in some places -
4 Giant P Increases the assaults strength by 5, the max HP by 30. Decreases the speed by 20% -
4 Archeologist C Enables the Dinoz to find rare or exceptional artifacts in some places -
5 Colossus P Increases the strength of all assaults by 15 and the HP by 50. Decreases speed by 50% -


1 Savagery P Increases the power of Wood assaults by 5 -
2 Korgon Reinforcement E Calls a Korgon to help in the fight normal
2 Tenacity P Increases the minimum damage by 1 -
3 Acrobat P Increases the speed by 15% -
3 Wild Instinct P Increases the Wood element by 2 -
3 Charisma S The Dinoz can be followed by an additional Dinoz -
3 Magic Resistance E Cancels all negative status weak
4 Engineer U All Dinoz can be equipped with an additional combat gear -
4 Leader U Increases the maximum Dinoz number by 3 -


Shock Wood Primal State
Lightning Gaia Path
P Increases the elements Wood and Lightning. Adds the value of element Wood (onslaught) to Lightning and adds the value of Lightning element to the Wood element. -
Basalt Armor Wood Cocoon
Fire Waikikido
P Increases the armor of the Dinoz by 3. -
Earth Tremor Air Palms Ejectable
Wood Wild Instinct
A Ground attack with a power of Wood + Air at a strength of 4. weak
Tireless Water Aqueous Clone
Wood Magic Resistance
P Increases all defenses by 2. -


Armor of Ifrit Wood Faroe Heritage
Fire Fireball
Improve Fire element defense by 20 points for the whole team.
Softpig only.
very high
Yggdrasil Air Gathering
Wood Forest Keeper
+20 to wood defense for each dinoz on the team
Wanwan only.
Hive Queen Fire Vivacious Wind
Wood Precious Spring
Empty opponent dinoz endurance bar
Etherwasp only.
very high
Blessing of the Fairies Fire Burning Heart
Wood Primal State
Add 10 initiative to all dinoz in the group.
Gorilloz only.
very high
Werewolf Air Vivacious Wind
Wood Wild Instinct
Attack all enemies with a power of 30Wood
Castivorous only.
very high
Grand High Babooner Wood Charisma
Lightning Lightning Dance
+20% dodge to your team
Tofufu only.
very high


1 Arcons Thrower A Attacks one nemy with Wood at a strenght of 5. normal
2 Scratcher C Enables the Dinoz to search anadditional square. -
3 Good Whack E Double the power of the next assault. high