Double Skills

Double Skill need to be requested by Madam X, you need 2 specific Level 3 skills in 2 different elements.

After Madam X grants the Double Skill you need to unlock it first before you can choose/learn it.

4 Electrolysis Water Marsh
Lightning Lightning
P Increases by 5% the Speed of all Dinoz group. -
4 Elementary Teacher Water Absolute Zero
Fire Combustion
P Increase of 2 elements Water and Fire -
4 Overload Air Elasticity
Lightning Adrenaline
P Increases chances of multi attack by 15%. -
4 Earth Tremor Air Ejector Palms
Wood Wild Instinct
A Ground attack with a power of Wood + Air at a strength of 4. weak
4 Shock Wood Primal State
Lightning Gaia Path
P Increases the elements Wood and Lightning. Adds the value of element Wood (onslaught) to Lightning and adds the value of Lightning element to the Wood element. -
4 Basalt Armor Wood Cocoon
Fire Waikikido
P Increases the armor of the Dinoz by 3. -
4 Sprint Lightning Chaos Path
Fire Kamikaze
P Increases the initiative by 6. -
4 Bubble Water Sapper
Air Vaporous Form
P Unaffected by all but Wood spells/skills.
Bubble is a very good defense skill as it brings back all damage to minimum of 1. Fire ball, lava flow, meteors, vacuum disque, lightning, etc. have none effect. Does not stop the Venerable however.
4 Vendetta Fire Vengeance
AirAchilles' Heel
P Increases the chance of counter-attacks by 20%. -
4 Tireless Water Aqueous Clone
WoodMagic Resistance
P Increases all defenses by 2. -