After you complete all Elemental Master missions, talk to him at Lava Pit to get one Sphere of a random element.

Spheres can be used to learn the following new skills for any Dinoz.
For each sphere used on one Dinoz it will gain one level of skill of that element.
To get to level 3 of one element you need 3 same spheres.
Skills are sphere specific - can't mix and to get the level 3.
Once use a sphere it's gone forever - you can't take it backso pay attention how you use them.
Advice: Use the spheres to a dinoz higher then level 33-35, a level 25 dinoz can easy go wrong.
Use spheres on your attacking team (for intiative) and also on your defending dinoz (to reduce intiative).
Do not use all 3 speres on same dinoz unless needed - better combine them to one dinoz to help (like level 1 Reflex plus level 2 Detonation).

Air Sphere AIR

1 Sting E Attacks one enemy with Ait at a strength of 3. high
2 Smelly Aura S Poisons the enmemy if they make an assault against you. high
3 Hypnosis A An enemy joins your side. very high

Fire Sphere FIRE

1 Brazier E Attacks all enemies with Fire at a strength of 3. normal
2 Detonation E The Dinoz loses 5 health points and gain 15 intiative. very high
3 Heart of the Phoenix P Increases the health points recovered at rest by 15%. -

Lightning Sphere LIGHTNING

1 Reflex P Increases initiative by 5. -
2 Sinuous Lightning A Attacks up to 3 enemies with Lightning at a power 10. very high
3 Survival S Allow Dinoz to escape one death in combat. -

Water Sphere WATER

1 Vitality P Increases the maximum healyh points by 10. -
2 Liquid Stubs A Decreases the intiative of one enemy by 25. very high
3 Flood A Attacs all enemies with Water at a strenght of 10, and decreases the intiative of all enemy Dinoz by 8. very high

Wood Sphere WOOD

1 Arcons Thrower A Attacks one nemy with Wood at a strenght of 5. normal
2 Scratcher C Enables the Dinoz to search anadditional square. -
3 Good Whack E Double the power of the next assault. high