Bambooz Quest

Once you have completed the Rocky King Quest and received Negative Lodestone Shard the Negative Lodestone Shard you can get to the Steppes Border and meet Jasper K.

Steppes Borders
Jasper K.
Steppes Borders (Magnetic Steppes)
  • Collect 100 Devourer Seeds Devourer Seeds.
  • You can do this by controlling a Devourer with a group of Dinoz.
  • To control the Devourer you must defeat the Bambooz and the Dinoz that control them.
  • There are 3 places, Devourer of East, Devourer of North and Devourer of West.
  • If you have control on one or more Devourers at server reset (0:00 midnight) you’ll receive a seed per Devourer.
  • Only the player that controls the Devourer at server reset gets this award.
  • Beware: some other masters might attack and try and attack your Devourer!

Give the 100 seeds Jasper K. and he will give you Bambooz a Bambooz. Now you can equip this item in your gear and have a bambooz fight by your side.

The second part of this quest award is given when you go to Dinotown where you will receive 800B.

This is by far the most difficult quest of the game since there will be just under 1100 seeds given out in a full year which means up to 10 lucky account holders may get this feat done.

Devourer seeds can be bought and sold at Tamer Market.

The Devourer seed is also part of the Monster Island Quest so what is a scarce item now even becomes scarcer since demand becomes higher.