Tournament Organizer
Brutforce (Dinoland)

Hello Grand Dinoz Master! The Great Tournament of BrutForce is open to all those who want to test their Dinoz against other players. Would you like to register?

To use the BrutForce Tournament, you need have Ashpouk Totem the Ashpouk Totem.

To obtain the totem you need use the Good Shovel in Ashpouk Ruins and you obtain Old Stone the Old Stone, go to the University and give the stone to the Profesor, and he give you the ASHPPOUK TOTEM, with that you can in to the Brutforce tournament.

Every match takes a turn. Beware - before you click for the match, you may want to heal up between each match.

Each battle won will be rewarded with 35-55XP

Stage 1 dino image Patapule, the Toreador Invisible Wanwan
Level 6
130HP Focus
Stage 2 dino image Grotigurg, the Brilliant in Carton Castivorous
Level 7
100HP Mistral
Stage 3 dino image Gromaker, the Magnificent 2000 Gorilloz
Level 8
100HP Focus
Stage 4 dino image Crimelere, the Gladiator Gifted Softpig
Level 9
130HP Water Cannon, Wrath, Perception
Stage 5 dino image Ledoner, the Pleased Prodigious Softpig
Level 10
130HP Wrath, Water Cannon, Perception, Burning Breath
Stage 6 dino image Beltesus, the Brilliant Indigent Gorilloz
Level 11
120HP Focus, Wrath, Korgon Reinforcement, Perception
Stage 7 dino image Gentlopurg, the Laureate Hairy Sirain
Level 12
130HP Perception, Focus, Cold Shower, Water Cannon, Tricky Hits
Stage 8 dino image Dastonor, the Weak 3000 - Wanwan
Level 13
Level 13
130HP Focus, Wrath, Water Cannon
Stage 9 dino image Kralesox, the Killer Invisible Wanwan
Level 14
130HP Wrath, Mistral, Perception, Water Cannon, Focus
After winning the stage 9 battle, you will be awarded with a Bronze Medal bronze medal.
Stage 10 dino image Durlopisse, the Mighty Destructor Castivorous
Level 15
120HP Water Cannon, Korgon Reinforcement, Mistral
Stage 11 dino image Ptimakaise, the Kind 3000 Castivorous
Level 16
150HP Mistral, Water Cannon, Korgon Reinforcement
Stage 12 dino image Tructutor, the Giant Idiot Softpig
Level 17
120HP Wrath, Burning Berth, Water Cannon, Focus
Stage 13 dino image Henritutule, the Rat Killer watched on TV Softpig
Level 18
150HP Fire Ball, Burning Breath, Waikido, Water Cannon, Lava Flow
Stage 14 dino image Ippolutar, the Prodigious Expired Gorilloz
Level 19
120HP Magic Resistance, Water Cannon, Vines, Korgon Reinforcement
Stage 15 dino image Alttigar, the Slayer Useless Castivorous
Level 20
120HP Water Cannon, Mistral, Korgon Reinforce, Vines
Stage 16 dino image Toptonus, the Gladiator Magic Rocky
Level 21
130HP Focus, Wrath, Double Hit
Stage 17 dino image Nicotapon, the Grand Overpowered Cloudoz
Level 22
130HP Mistral, Focus, Water Cannon, Flight
Stage 18 dino image Qualapus, the Superb from Dinotown Moueffe
Level 23
100HP Mistral, Wrath, Burning Breath, Blowtorch Palm, Counter-attack
Stage 19 dino image Altmoulere, the Pretentious Fantastic Gorilloz
Level 24
150HP Vines, Wrath, Focus, Korgon Reinforcement, Primal State
After winning the stage 19 battle, you will be awarded with a Silver Medal silver medal.
Stage 20 dino image Julmelisse, the Killer Useless Glidwings
Level 25
130HP Mistral, Focus, Wrath, Water Cannon
Stage 21 dino image Vadatee, the Weak Pleased Softpig
Level 26
130HP Focus, Wrath, Water Cannon, Fireball, Burning Breath, Nap, Counter-attacks
Stage 22 dino image Ptilutus, the Magnificent Overpowered Sirain
Level 27
130HP Focus, Water Cannon, Wrath, Gel, Mistral, Cold Shower, Tricky Hits
Stage 23 dino image Daslopsa, the Kind Gifted Pteroz
Level 28
150HP Focus, Water Cannon, Mistral, Burning Breath, Flight, Dodge
Stage 24 dino image Padupus, the Ultimate Weapon Insignificant Softpig
Level 29
150HP Focus, Water Cannon, Wrath
Stage 25 dino image Moltapaise, the Rat Killer Expired Hippoclamp
Level 30
120HP Mistral, Focus, Wrath, Water Cannon
Stage 26 dino image Toplopack, the Wrestler from Dinotown Moueffe
Level 31
180HP Fire Ball, Lava Flow, Mistral, Wrath, Water Cannon, Counter-attacks
Stage 27 dino image Bormakos, the Conqueror Insignificant Moueffe
Level 32
150HP Counter-attacks, Mistral, Mater cannon, Fire Ball, Wrath
Stage 28 dino image Salmelaise, the Conqueror Black Cloudoz
Level 33
150HP Dodge, Cold Shower, Mistral, Flight, Water cannon, Gel, Tricky Hits, Focus
Stage 29 dino image Critutar, the Mighty Apocalyptic Hippoclamp
Level 34
150HP Focus, Mistral, Water Cannon, Wrath, Vines, Gel, Cold Shower, Burning Breath, Double Hit, Jump
After winning the stage 29 battle, you will be awarded with a Gold Medal gold medal.
Stage 30 dino image Ludomelos, the Prodigious Indigent Castivorous
Level 35
150HP Mistral, Magic Resistance; Korgon Reinforcement, Water Cannon, Focus, Vines, Primal State, Dodge
Stage 31 dino image Glalopule, the Pretentious Sharpened Pteroz
Level 36
140HP Focus, Flight, Jump, Water Cannon, Dodge, Blowtorch Palm, Korgon Reinforcement, Mistral
Stage 32 dino image Borminar, the Exterminator 3000 Glidwings
Level 37
140HP Flight, Hermetic Aura, Wrath, Saving Puree, Focus, Double Hit, Mistral, Water Cannon
Stage 33 dino image Extonaise, the Fearful Indigent Hippoclamp
Level 38
130HP Double Hit, Cold Shower, Water Cannon, Mistral, Focus, Wrath, Gel, Tricky Hits
Stage 34 dino image Superlesaise, the Boss Red Mouffete
Level 39
200HP Water Cannon, Wrath, Vines, Burning Breath, Dodge, Counter-attacks
Stage 35 dino image Grolutisse, the Eternal Fantastic Goriloz
Level 40
Wrath, Water Cannon, Dodge, Vines, Korgon Reinforcement, Gorilloz Spirit, Magic Resistance
Stage 36 dino image Cridatack, the Rusher Sharpened Mouffete
Level 41
Torch, Fire Ball; Blowtorch Palm, Cold Shower, Lava Flow
Stage 37 dino image Comdatsa, the Pretentious Apocalyptic Softpig
Level 42
Self Control
Stage 38 dino image Polmoulurg, the Gladiator in Steel Gorilloz
Level 43
Mistral, Focus,Vines, Korgon Reinforcement, Wrath, Water Cannon, Gorilloz Spirit, Magic Resistance, Primal State
Stage 39 dino image Quamaksa, the Fearful Fantastic Glidwings
Level 44
Focus, Flight, Hermetic Aura, Dodge, Lightning
Stage 40 dino image Annelesule, the Exterminator Insignificant Cloudoz
Level 45
Focus, Mistral, Flight, Double Hit, Dodge, Wrath, Water Cannon, Tornado, Tricky Hits, Cold Shower
After winning the stage 40 battle, you will be awarded with a Diamond Medal diamond medal.