Ashpouk Ruins
Merguez Seller
Ashpouk Ruins (Lavapit)

Oh la la! My merguez are extremely fatty! It was quite an odd idea to come and start selling merguez in such a dark and gloomy place? But those Ruins are absolutely magnificent! I'm certain that one day, millions of tourists will come and visit!

Goblin Merguez
Goblin Merguez
You can add it to dino combat gear. During the fight, your dino can recover up to 4HP.


Merguez saves you money. If you keep one Dino at the Merguez seller always, you will have an endless supply of Merguez that is very helpful when developing Dinoz early on. As an added bonus the dino that one keeps there should have the excavate ability for more of a daily advantage. With the right skills one has a chance to find the most valuable ingredients in the game.

Set a bookmark to[number]/act/dialog/merguez?goto=ok (replace [number] with your Dinoz's number) and you don't have to listen to him each time, just click it and you jump right into the conversation's part where you get the Goblin Merguez. So to get your free Goblin Merguez just:

  • Click the bookmark
  • Select a Dinoz without waiting for the conversation