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Probability (Average) to find Ingredients.

The number of ingredients found on a grid is influence by how advance are your dinoz. Ex. With the plants, Pelinae leaves moves between 27 and 29, the normal is 29. The same with Mushrooms, it can be 10 to 12! It's depending on the amount of the rare plants. When you have 4 in a grid then you have less leaves or mushrooms. But you never have less than 3 rare plants in a grid. If you found only 2, the reason is that you have search with a dinoz without sharp-eye and search on a case with a rare plant. It's important to know in order of not loosing ingredients stupidly! It works the same for all ingredients.:

Wood Search, Detective, Archeologist

Sharpened Flint Sharpened Flint A sharpened pebble by who-knows-who to do who-knows-what. 2-3/100 You need skill Search.
You can excavate at Dinotown, Coral Mines, Haunted Hills, and Ashpouk Ruins.
Ancient Text Fragment Fragment of Ancient Text The text engraved on this fragment is unreadable. But you can be sure that a collector will pay well to get it. 1-2/100 You need skill Detective.
Precious Old Ring Precious Old Ring This gold ring dates back hundreds of years and would be a beautiful exhibit in a museum less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist.
Fine-cut Chalice Fine-cut Chalice This Chalice, in the old days, was part of a whole crockery collection (you are free to find the rest). You are impatient to put your hand on the cauldron! less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist.
Karat Necklace Karat Necklace This superb piece instantly bestows its wearer with both class and elegance. less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist.
Flawless Brooch Flawless Brooch You're incredibly lucky! This highly valuable brooch is like new, despite its age less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist.
Superior Royal Crown Superior Royal Crown less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist.
Mechanical Arm Mechanical Arm This artifact resembles a hand, it must have been made using some forgotten technology, and even if it doesn't work any more, it still has great value... less than 1/100 You need skill Archeologist. Celestial Island of Nimbao only.

Air Gathering, Sharp-eye

Pelinae Leaves Pelinae Leaves Pelinae is liked for the fresh perfume it emits, it can be found in houses throughout Dinoland. 25-30/64 You need skill Gathering. You can harvest at Fountainf on Youth, University, Sticky Swamp, Sinister Path, Edge of the Forest, and Forges of the Big All Hot.
White Phalisk Boletus Boletus/White Mushrooms A Mushroom of the Mushgood family, which is easy to cook in a green sauce. Some prefer it in omelettes, others like it in soup, but everybody agrees on the fact that pan-fried Phalisk Boletus is delicious. 10-13/64 You need skill Sharp-Eye.
Whimsical Orchid Whimsical Orchid An improbable fusion between rare Orchids. It generally grows upside down, covered by a layer of hair which gives it camouflage properties. 2-4/64 You need skill Sharp-Eye. Forges Of The Big All-Hot only
Figonicia Roots Figonicia Roots Figonicia is a bad-tempered plant. That's the reason why its root are so exposed, it prevents them from growing again. 2-4/64 You need skill Sharp-Eye. The Sinister Path only
Sadiquae Mordicus Sadiquae Mordicus Sadiquae Mordicus is very dangerous! Often many meters high, they can digest a human in less than a few hours. At an early age, the worst they can do is eat one of your fingers. 2-4/64 You need skill Sharp-Eye. Sticky Swamp only
Pickye Deftlyna Pickye Deftlyna Pickye Deftlyna is only found on Nimbao. Very difficult to pick, the slightest wrong move and it launches heavenward... less than 1/64 You need skill Sharp-Eye. Frozen Forest (Nimbao) only
Dark Shoot Dark Shoot ? You need skill Sharp-Eye. ???? (Dark World) only

Lightning Lightning Conductor, Elemental Fission

Lightning Energy Lightning Energy Lightning energy is easy to capture as its all round us. You just have to know how to find it by hitting a stone or moving an iron bar during a thunderstorm. 4-7/36 You need skill Lightning Conductor.
You can excavate at Brute Force, Basalt Slopes, Black Sylva Door and Underwaterdome.
Air Energy Air Energy In spite of the fact that Air is present everywhere on Dinoland, only certain breezes can be transformed in pure energy. 2-3/36 You need skill Elemental Fission.
Brute Force only
Fire Energy Fire Energy Fire in its natural state is very valuable. 1/36 You need skill Elemental Fission.
Basalt Slopes only
Wood Energy Wood Energy 1/36 You need skill Elemental Fission.
Black Sylva Door only
Water Energy Water Energy Water energy can be found on every water surface, but they move so quickly that nobody ever succeeds in capturing them! This is why their price is so high. 1/36 You need skill Elemental Fission.
Underwaterdome only

Fire Smashroom Hunter, Gigant Hunter, Dragon Hunter

Fur Tuft Fur Tuft A handful of good-quality fur! Not enough to make a coat, but it's better than nothing.... 8-11/36 You need skill Smashroom Hunter.
You can hunt at Precipitous Hills, Grandpa Joe's, Bao Bob's, Korgon Camp, and Wild Jungle.
Sharp Claws Sharp Claws These claws are less frightening put on a string than on a hairy paw! Make sure you don't hurt yourself. 4-6/36 You need skill Giant Hunter.
You can hunt at Precipitous Hills, Grandpa Joe's, Bao Bob's, Korgon Camp, and Wild Jungle.
Chocolate Horn Chocolate Horn Although its very rare, sometimes animals are born with a chocolate horn (black or hazelnut chocolate, it depends). Normally these animals don't last long as everybody wants them... 1-2/36 You need skill Dragon Hunter.
Vicious Eye Vicious Eye This eye makes a really disgusting noise in your bag! 1-2/36 You need skill Dragon Hunter.
Monstrous Tongue Monstrous Tongue A hunting trophy which would make most Dinoland Masters envious! If in perfect condition, this monster tongue will be sold for a lot of money. less than 1/36 You need skill Dragon Hunter.
Dorogon Tooth Dorogon Tooth Very few people can claim to own this particular hunting trophy! This freshly extracted Dorogon Tooth should fetch a nice price. less than 1/36 You need skill Dragon Hunter.

Water Aperentice Fisher, Skilled Fisher, Master Fisher

Lujidanee Grouper Lujidanee Grouper A common species in Dinoland and this fish is very popular due to it caramelised taste. 12-18/49 You need skill Apprentice Fisherman.
You can fish at Frish Port, Mutant Falls, Waikiki Island, and Jumin River and Whistler Syphon.
Avenger Fish Avenger Fish It steals leerfish to give to the poor. 2-6/49 You need skill Skilled Fisher.
Fridge-Eel Fridge-Eel Most of the Eels are 'electric', but this species is refrigerable. People use it to refresh their drinks or to preserve food by wrapping it with them. 1/49 You need skill Master Fisher
Globulos Globulos 1/49 You need skill Master Fisher.
You can fish only at Whistler Syphon
Super-Fish Super-Fish less than 1/49 You need skill Master Fisher