Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Agility Dodge Vacuum Disc Black Hole
Elasticy Overload
Jump Attack Plunge Master Levitation
Strategy Analyze Specialist
Achille's Heel Vendetta
Gathering Toxic Cloud Fetid Breath Djinn
Mistral Tai-Chi Awakening Lonely Meditation Trans. Meditation Immaterial
Flying Totem
Ejector Palms Earth Tremor
Tornado Viviacous Wind Life Breath
Hive Queen
Vaporous Form Bubble


1 Agility P Increases the strength of all Air assaults by 5 -
2 Dodge P Increases evasion chance by 10% -
2 Jump P Enables to attack flying enemies -
3 Vacuum Disc A Attacks one enemy with an air strength of 12 high
3 Elasticity P Increaes the strength of air attacks by 10 and air defense by 3 -
3 Plunging Attack A Attacks one enemy with an assault with air bonus 2 weak
3 Stealth P Increases Air, water, Lightning defense by 2 -
4 Black Hole A Send an enemy into a parallel dimension very high
4 Master Leviticus S All dinoz in the group can attack an enemy in flight -


1 Mistral A Attack all enemies with an Air power of 3 weak
2 Tornado A Attacks all enemies with an Air power of 5 normal
2 Tai-Chi P Increases strength of all air assault by 15. Decreases the speed of air attacks by 20% -
3 Evil Awakening P Decreases the speed of Air attacks by 20% -
3 Ejector Palms A Attacks one enemy with an assault 2x strength then decreases the initiative by 15 weak
3 Vaporous Form S Enables to gain the status Immaterial by defending himself -
3 Wind Quick S Gives the status accelarated, doubles speed normal
4 Professor U Increases the experience gain of all Dinoz by 5% -
4 Lonely meditation P Increases Air defense by 3. Decreases the speed of air attacks by 50% -
4 Life Breath S Immune to the poison and curses -
5 Transcedental Meditation P Increases air defense by 6. decreases the speed of Air attacks by 50% -
6 Immaterial (Etheral Form) E Dinoz becomes Immaterial -


1 Strategy S Adopts the best attack strategy according to the enemies' defenses -
2 Analyze S Choose the best target for each attack -
2 Gathering C Enables the Dinoz to gather plants in some places -
3 Specialist S For the assault the weakest is replaced by the strongest, the lowest attack element will be deleted -
3 Achilles' Heel P Increases the strength of all assaults by 2 -
3 Toxic Cloud A Poisons all enemies high
3 Sharp-Eye C Enables the Dinoz to find exotic plants in some places -
4 Fetid Breath S Poisons all enemies touched by an assault, each hit is poisoning -


1 Flight A The Dinoz makes an assaults then takes flight. Reserved to the flying Dinoz weak


Overload Air Elasticity
Lightning Adrenaline
P Increases chances of multi attack by 15%. -
Vendetta Fire Vengeance
Air Achilles' Heel
P Increases the chance of counter-attacks by 20%. -
Earth Tremor Air Ejector Palms
Wood Wild Instinct
A Ground attack with a power of Wood + Air at a strength of 4. weak
Bubble Water Sapper
Air Vaporous Form
P Unaffected by all spells/skills without Wood spells/skills.
Bubble is a very good defense skill as it brings back all damage to the % value of (water + air) / (sum of all elements) so for example dino with 30% water and 40% air will eliminate 70% of the attack value


Fujin Air Vacuum Disc
Lightning Lightning Dance
Add 50% of speed to all in the group
Cloudoz only.
very high
Raijin Air Vivacious Wind
Lightning Lightning
Attacks all enemies with a power of 20Lightning
Glidwings only.
very high
Dijin Air Fetid Breath
Fire Burning Breath
Attacks all enemies with a power of 20Air
Pteroz only.
very high
Hades Air Fetit Breath
Wood Tenacity
Water Tricky Hits
Bugged effect
Santaz only.
Yggdrasil Air Gathering
Wood Forest Keeper
+20 to wood defense for each dinoz on the team
Wanwan only.
Buddha Air Awakening
Lightning Concentration
Fire Martial Arts
+10 defense to each element on each dinoz on the team
Hippoclam only.
very high
Flying Totem Air Awakening
Fire Combustion
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 30Air
Kabuki only.
very high
Werewolf Air Vivacious Wind
Wood Wild Instinct
Attack all enemies with a power of 30Wood
Castivorous only.
very high
Hive Queen Fire Vivacious Wind
Wood Precious Spring
Empty opponent dinoz endurance bar
Etherwasp only.
very high
Leviatan Air Tornado
Water Acid Blood
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 20Water
Mahamuti only.
very high


1 Sting E Attacks one enemy with Ait at a strength of 3. high
2 Smelly Aura S Poisons the enmemy if they make an assault against you. high
3 Hypnosis A An enemy joins your side. very high