Combat statuses

If Dinoz has a status and suffers from action that should give him the same status, then it doesn't get it and the time counter of duration continue working. Statuses are not stackable if tehy come from different skills (like different poison or acceleration).

Using of Primal State or Saving Puree by one of your Dinoz remove all statuses.
Self Control prevents negative statuses.

Duration will be described in terms of cycles:
According to the French admins:
A cycle cost 6 (60 with new motor changes) initiative points and represents the duration between the application of the status effects (poison, torch, accupuncture, etc).

There are number of statuses appears during fight. Some of them are positive:

Accelerated Air Vivacious Wind
Lightning Mass Frenzy
Doubles the speed of attacked dinoz (only speed, not intiative).
Vivacious Wind and Mass Frenzy do not stack, as they are the exact same status.
The Dinoz adds half of "velocity points" so he attacks twice when he should attack once. Duration: 5 cycles?
Blessed Lightning Benediction Adds 3 to all Assults. Doesn't make much of a difference in PvP either. Useful for those who have the capture glove, because this skill increases monsters' void damage by 3. I have seen a blessed smashroom do 5 damage. However, for dinoz, it is useless.
Burning Fire Torch The dino is on fire and lose 1HP at the end of each turn. If a burning dinoz is phisocal attacked, the attacker suffers damage which is depends on the Burning dinoz Fire element:
Flying Air Flight Dinoz cannot be affected by ground-based attacks. He can by only attacked by other flying dinoz or dinoz which have Jump skill or equiped Mobile Love. Lasts 1 turn, but is the only status that can be reset if the dino activates flight multiple times in a row. Also makes dino immune to earth tremor wipeout as well as non-jumping assaults.
Frukoptere flight is permanent, is an E skill and it enables non-flying dinoz to fly, even petrified ones! Never ever send dinoz without A skills and/or primal state to monster island.
Healing Water Acupuncture At the end of the turn the affected dinoz will regain health (1HP). Only health lost in current battle will be regain.
Immaterial Air Vaperous Form
Air Etheral Form
An affected dinoz is immune to attacks - the Dinoz doesn't take damage.
Dinoz with Perception always remove this status after assault, regardless of whether it hits the immaterial dinoz or the dinoz dodges the assault.
Using of air assault (but you must have at least one air element) or A-skills (Mistral, Tornado) or skill Earth Tremor remove the intangible status.
Softpig Charge remove the intangible status.
Wipeout doesn't remove intangible status.
Some of Monsters, that have elemental and not only void attacks can remove the intangible status.
Petrification remove this status.
When your dinoz lose intangible status he lose only 1 HP it doesn't matter how strong was attack or assault, that removed that status.
  • Vaporous Form - 2 turns
  • Ethereal form - forever. Really good in pve, but do not get this skill for pvp!
  • Gorilloz spirit intangible - permanent until removed
  • Moukitz intangible - about 3-4 turns
  • Kazkadine intangible - 2 turns
When your dinoz lose intangible status he lose only 1 it doesn't matter how strong was attack or assault, that removed that status.
Wood Shield Dinoz This dinoz is protected by another member of its team.
Copy skill Wood Skill Forger This dinoz can copy skills from its adversaries. The skill will be used by the dino as their own. The effect lasts for the entire battle.
Endurance bonus This dinoz has an energy bonus.
Fire defence bonus This dinoz has a fire defence bonus.
Wood defence bonus This dinoz has a wood defence bonus.
Water defence bonus This dinoz has a water defence bonus.
Lightning defence bonus This dinoz has a lightning defence bonus.
Air defence bonus This dinoz has an air defence bonus.
Initiative bonus Fire Detonation This dinoz has an initiative bonus.
Dodge bonus This dinoz has a dodge bonus.
Defence bonus Lightning Hermetic Aura This dinoz has a defence bonus.
Affected dinoz gains +6 to all defenses. Doesn't make much of a difference in PvP either.

Others are negative:

Petrified Water Petrification Affected dinoz is unable to use either assaults or skills. Lasts 3 turns. It does remove flying and immaterial. Affected dinoz can't dodge or counter-attack, let alone attack, compared to a vined dino, which can still dodge and counter-attack.
Poisoned Water Poisoned Claws
Air Toxic Cloud
Air Fetid Breath
Air Smelly Aura
Poisoned dinoz will suffer damage at the end of each turn. Damage is based on the skill used and the elemental strength of the attacker:
  • Poison claws - deals 14 damage and lasts 3-4-5 cycles. I know this because as soon as the poison is gone, you could get poisoned again just 2 battle turns after the poison effects wear off.
  • Toxic Cloud - same damage as element. Lasts about 3-4-5 cycles, too. Area of effect.
    Mantooze toxic cloud - deals 3 damage, and is like toxic cloud.
  • Fetid Breath - same damage as element, however, it is PERMANENT! (it is a bug) Only a skill like primal state can remove it (and of course, poisonites and antidote).
    Scorpwinks poison is also permanent and deals 5 damage.
  • Smelly Aura - 10 damage, lasts 4 turns. Triggers very often.
    Bigshroom contamination - lasts 2-3 turns and deals 3 damage. Activates when hit, like smelly aura.
Slowed Water March
Water Gel
Halfes the spped of affected dinoz (only speed, not intiative).
The Dinoz adds the double of "velocity points" after each assault. Duration: 5 cycles?
Sleep Fire Nap
Wood Amazonia
Dinoz is sleeping instead of attacking, until they get attacked
Dinoz sleep for the next three turns unless they are subjected to an attack which causes them to lose 10HP
This dinoz currently cannot use all its items.
Dazzled Lightning Sun Blindness This dinoz is dazzled, it may miss when trying to attack another dinoz.
Muted Water God Banned This dinoz has been muted and therefore cannot summon its invocation.
This dinoz cannot use itms from its inventory.
Endurance penalty Air Qi Gong
Lightning Chronic Cramp
Water Hypervenilation
Wood Aches
This dinoz has an energy penalty.
Initiative penalty Wood Vines This dinoz has an initiative penalty.

Skills that defend or clear statuses on your group or enemies:

  • Fire Self-Control
  • Wood Primal State
  • Wood Magic Resistance
  • Lightning Saving Puree
  • Air Life Breath

Reinforcement - monsters that appear on the battle field during fight. They can fight by your side or against your dinoz.

Skills that summon reinforcement:

  • Wood Korgon Reinforcement - Korgon
  • Wood Gorilloz Spirit - Gorilloz Spirit
  • Water Aqueous Clone - clone of your dinoz, having 1HP

Items that summon reinforcement:

  • Rescue Flamelet Rescue Flamelet - Summons a Flamelet
  • Pirhanoz-in-Bag Piranoz-in-bagt - Summons a Piranoz