Gods and racial invocation

Ancient legends speak of divinities ruling over Dinoland. When gods fought, vast areas shook from the noise alone. These battles were so violent that some maintain that it was these very battles that shaped the world as we know it.

You can awaken these ancient gods and make pacts with them to unleash the devastating power of your dinoz. The first known power is Quetzalcoat. You can use it only once per combat, but it is powerfull.

quetzu Quetzu
Attacks all enemies with a Lightning power 40
Celerity > Double Hit > Lightning > Quetzalcoat

How to unlock invocations skill?

Master Zenith
Brutforce (Dinoland)

First you need to talk to Master Zenith, located in Brutforce.
This has to be done only once for account.

Then you need to talk to the masters, according to the Dinoz race, and unlock Invocator skill (just as Dobule-Skill at Madam X).

Quetzu is the only dino which doesn't need to talk with master to unlock Invocator skill and only which need only one skill to get its invocation. All other dinos must talk with their master (see table below) and have two (or more!) required skills (like for double-skills).

Invocation can be activated only once during the fight!

Invocations now break through Bubble!

Remember! You have to do some missions and quests before you can meet/talk with some of the masters and you can't talk with the masters during some quests.

  • to see Madam X you have to finish 'The lost dog' mission from Grandpa Joe
  • to see Elemental Master you have to finish Soft Shaman missions (except 'Unfair Trade' and 'Quarrel')
  • to speak with Yakuzi you have to finish Kabuki quest
  • to speak with Rocky King you have to finish Rocky King quest
  • you can't talk with Anna Tomie before the building of Clinic
  • you can't talk with Venerable when he is wounded after a fight with Morg (see Celestial Island of Nimbao)
  • you can't talk with Klutz when his workshop is destroyed (see Quetzu quest)
Moueffe Moueffe
Venerable's Lair (Lavapit)
Attack all enemies with a power of 20 fire.
Lava Flow + Diamond Fangs
softpigvg Softpig
Soft Shaman
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)
Armor of Ifrit
+20 defense on the fire element for all the Dinoz in group
Fireball + Faroe Heritage
winks Winks
Atlantean Guard
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)
Sacred Whale
Improve water element defense by 20 points for the whole team.
Master Fisherman + Adrenaline
glidwing Glidwings
Elemental Master
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)
Attack all enemies with a power of 20
Lightning + Elasticity
Castivorous Castivorous
Market Place (Dinoland)
Attack all enemies with a power of 30
Wild Instinct + Vivacious Wind
Rocky Rocky
Rocky King
King's Citadel (Magnetic Steppes)
+20 defense on the lightning element for all the Dinoz in group
Elemental Fission + Incandescent Aura
pteroz Pteroz
Profesor Eugene
University (Dinoland)
Attacks all enemies with an air invocation of strength 20.
Burning Breath + Fetid Breath
cloudoz Cloudoz
Madam X
Brutforce (Dinoland)
Add 50% of speed to all in the group
Lightning Dance + Vacuum Disk
Sirain Sirain
Anna Tomie
Dinotown Clinic (West)
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 30 fire
Without Mercy + Vengance
hippoclamp Hippoclamp
Master Hydragol
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)
Add +10 to defense in all elements of all Dinoz in group
Martial Arts + Concentration + Awakening
goriloz Goriloz
Michael The Guide
Dinotown (Dinoland)
Blessing of the Fairies
Increases initiative of the group by 10
Primal State + Burning Heart
wanwan Wanwan
Forest Warden
Blacksylva Door (Grumhel Forest)
+20 to wood defense for the whole team
Gathering + Forest Keeper
santaz Santaz
Klutz' Workshop (Atlantean Islands)
Bugged effect
Tenacity + Fetid Breath + Tricky Hits
feross Feroz
Mr Bao Bob
Mr Bao Bob's House (Atlantean Islands)
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 40
Blowtorch palm or Vigilance + Fatal Hit
kabuki Kabuki
Totem Island (Atlantean Islands)
Flying Totem
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 30
Awakening + Combustion
mahamuti Mahamuti
Grandpa Joe
Grandpa Joe's Home (Dinoland)
Attacks all enemies with an invocation of 20.
Tornado + Acid Blood
tofufu Tofufu
Master Zenith
Brutforce (Dinoland)
Grand High Babooner
+20% dodge to your team
Charisma + Lightning Dance
Sage Menthos
Observatory (Nimbao)
Hive Queen
Empty opponent dinoz endurance bar
Precocious Spring + Vivacious Wind
Old Robot
Island Head (Nimbao)
Deals non-elemental damage on all foes.
Corrosive Archangel + Vaporous Form