Forges of the Big-All-Hot
Strange Prowler
Forges of the Big-All-Hot (Lavapit)

When your Dinoz reached lvl 15 the Strange Prowler will appear at Forges of the Big All-Hot.

No Name Requirments Reward
1. The Amnesic Rice Lvl 15 5000gold + Amnestic Rice
2. The Dark Dinoz Lvl 20 + "The Amnesic Rice" 250XP + 5000gold

1. The Amnesic Rice

Go to Sticky Swamp.
Kill 30 Pirhanoz.
Gather the rice.
Go to Forges of the big All-Hot.
Validate the mission.

2. The Dark Dinoz

Go to Mutant Falls.
Kill the 3 dark Dinoz.
Validate the mission.

It is necessary to speak again with the Strange Prowler after completing 2 missions to obtain Tick Bracelet Tik Bracelet (This bracelet is obtained only once)