Taurus the magnificent

It seems that it's quest for beginners. Bao Bob takes us on a trip, explains the basic rules of combat and presents the main dinoland characters.

Any dinoz can complete this quest. In all the battles you don't lose HP and you don't get any XP.

At the end you recive Epic Reward: Taurus the magnificent Taurus the magnificent

Go to Dinotown
Michael te Guide
Dinotown (Dinoland)
Speak with Michael
Go to Frish Port
Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Speak with Barprop
Frish Port
Bao Bob
Frish Port (Dinoland)
fight aginst dark moueffe
Speak with Bao Bob
move automatically to wikiki island and fight against dark softpig
Go to Sticky Swamp
Speak with Bao Bob
fight against dark softpig and winks (sticki sawmp rules not applicable - you cn fight when the swamp is lost in haze)
Go to Mutant Falls
Speak with Bao Bob
Mutant Falls>
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)
fight against Taurus, the infernal moueffe
after fight your dinoz automatically move to the dinotown