The mission of the King

Before the beginning, you need Piece of the Dark World Piece of the Dark World, acquired from the Gulom, you could be granted an audience with the King!

During the quest you're gonna need also Venerable Venerable - only if you defeat Venerable, you will see required dialog option (you'll have to fight Venerable again during this quest!).

If you have the Piece of the Dark World you will see new character, the King's Guard at Dinotown, and new locations on Dino Plaza map.
Go to Dinotown
Speak with King's Guard
King's Guard
Go to Guard Post
Speak with Captain of the Guard
Guard Post
Phosphorescent lichen
Guard Post
Go to Lavapit
Speak with Soft Shaman
You will see new dialog option: "We have a problem at the castle!"
Go to Venerable Lair
Speak with Venerable
You have to beat the Venerable before, to see new dialog option "Excuse me, I have a potion... " - be careful - you will have to fight him. Dinoz which are in group and have not defeated Venerable so far will not get Venerable status. Experience obtained from the fight is much lower than the battle outside quest (~80XP for lvl 50).
Speak with Venerable (if you beat him)
Go to Guard Post
Speak with Captain of the Guard
Go to Dinotown Castle
Dinoville Castle
The King of Dinoville
Dinoville Castle (Dino Plaza)
Speak with King of Dinotown
Now you can access Captain of the Guard Missions.