Monster Island

Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)

You should give Joveboze a warm bread for EVERY dinoz you want to go to the Monster Islands.

After wolfing down his warm bread, Joveboze shows you an isolated island on a map to the east of Dinoland. It's called "Monster Island" and seems very diffcult to access. Luckily for you Joveboze has allowed you to use his boat to get there...
On a new turn: Move -> Sale to Monster Island

See also Monster Island map

Frutox Guard
Monster Port
Frutox Guard
Monster Port (Monster Island)
Talk to Frutox Guard
Vegetox Guard
Monster Port
Vegetox Guard
Monster Port (Monster Island)
Talk to Vegetox Guard
You have to do this 2 talks for EVERY dino in the group not only for the leader.
The main island habitants are at war to move on you must find a path that can move you forward, see the Shady Man and get his reward.
Monster Port
Shady Man
Monster Port (Monster Island)
Now will appear an option to talk to Shady Man, that will offer a mission to enter the island.
Talk With the Shady Man and Accept his mission.
Go to the Market Place in Dinotown.
Talk to Shady Man.
Wait 3 hours
Talk to Shady Man.
Wait 2 hours
Talk to Shady Man and take the black briefcase.
Go to the Monster Port in Monster Island.
Talk to Shady Man.
Complete the Mission
Reward: 5XP and access to Monster Island Sewer System Labyrinth.
Now the Shady Man will disappear and will appear a new option: ENTER - you can explore the dungeon.
This is the 1st of 3 labyrinth's you must complete. Apparently this being simple since it is just 1 level. You can do it in 32 moves, 40 if you want to get all the gold.


Unlike other missions that are repeated by all your dinoz this one terminates once the war between Frutox and Vegetox ends. At the completion of this mission the secret passageway is opened, the 1st labyrinth that takes you from Monster Port to Frutox Outpost.
The first labyrinth you will confront any of these 2 monsters types: Mouktiz and Minimouk, beyond and travelling between points you will face: Frutcopter and mantooze.
Be aware that the monsters in the labyrinth did use A LOT Vaporous Shape, so can be pretty annoying even for a very strong dinoz. Having a poison Santaz in your team can make it very easy.
After completing the labyrinth the exit will take you to the middle of the Monster island: Frutox Outpost.
Talk to Frutox Guard
Go to the Kaze Kami Forest
Anne Hindy
Kaze Kami Forest
Anne Hindy
Kaze Kami Forest (Monster Island)
Talk to Anne Hindy
She will ask us to decipher the text, for this we have to go to University and talk to Proffersor Mayinca (This can be done with any Dinoz).
Go to University
Proffersor Mayinca
Proffersor Mayinca
University (Dinoland)
Talk to Proffersor Mayinca
Wait 5 hours.
Give Professor Mayinca one of the following artifacts:
Precious Old Ring Precious Old Ring
Fine-cut Chalice Fine-cut Chalice
Karat Necklace Karat Necklace
The artifact needed can be excavated by any dinoz with Archeologist wood skill (plus a lot of luck) or bought with the winning bid at MarketPlace (worth 8000gold).
Any dinoz from your account can go to the University and talk to the Professor.
Do not try to give him Silex or Text, because he will keep them but the value is not the one that he want.
Go to Kami Kaze Forest
Talk to Anne Hindy - she shows the entrance to Quetzaco Temple, a simple labyrinth.
Enter the Quetzaco Temple
In this labyrinth you will find close sections, and you should find 1 or more monsters.


To pass the full labyrinth you need about 85 turns per dino.
In this labyrinth there are several close sections, so to continue and open a new section of the labyrinth you should find and kill 1 or more monsters.
Basically you have to clear (kill all the monsters on your way) the complete labyrinth.
Note: new item in the Temple: Survival Kit Survivel Kit - Allows you to recover between 10 and 40 during a battle

Talk with Anne Hindy - she will give you access to the second labyrinth
Enter the Cuzcous labyrinth which is much greater than any ever seened in this game
There are 12 levels to the Ruins.


Go to stairs O -> lv.2 -> continue...
Stairs B -> lv.3 -> Healing -> End
Go to stairs A -> lv.3 -> continue...
stairs 9 -> lv.2 -> Gold -> End
Go to stairs C -> lv.4 -> continue...
Go to stairs D -> lv.5 -> continue...
Go to stairs E -> lv.6 -> continue...
Go left for a key -> then go back go back to stairs E the starting point for lv.6
Go right to the stairs F -> lv.5 -> take another key -> go back to stairs E the starting point for lv.6
Go to stairs G -> lv.7 -> stairs H -> lv.8 -> Healing -> End
stairs M -> lv.5 -> stairs 13 -> lv.4 -> Gold -> End
stairs N -> lv.5 -> stairs O -> lv.4 -> stairs P -> lv.5 -> stairs Q -> lv.6 -> Gold -> End
stairs J -> lv.7 -> stairs K -> lv.8 -> continue to map lv.8
Go to stairs I -> lv.5 -> continue... (for the complete instructions till the EXIT, please see the note below the maps links)
Take the key that is on this level.
stairs T -> lv.7 -> Gold -> End
stairs L -> lv.9 -> Gold -> End
stairs U -> lv.7 -> Gold -> End
stairs V -> lv.7 -> Gold -> End
stairs W -> lv.9 -> continue to map lv.9
Take the key that is on this level.
stairs X -> lv.10 -> treasure of 5 -> stairs Y -> lv.9 -> stairs Z -> lv.10 -> key + gold -> continue to map lv.10
Take the key that is on this level.
stairs 1 -> lv.9 -> Gold -> End
stairs 2 -> lv.9 -> Healing -> End
stairs 3 -> lv.9 -> Gold -> End
At the end (level 11) you will be fighting a Giant Deymon, which is very dangerous monster, with awesome initiative, strong wood attacks (18 dmg on lvl 45+), probably around 200hp and skill that regenerates 50hp.
The fast road /not all key directions included here/ from the Entrance of lv.1 to the Exit of lv.12:
lv.1 Entrance -> go to stairs O -> lv.2 -> go to stairs A -> lv.3 -> go to stairs C -> lv.4 -> go to stairs D -> lv.5 -> go to stairs E -> lv.6 -> go left for a key -> then go back to the entrance of lv.6 -> go right to the stairs F -> lv.5 -> take another key -> go back to stairs E the starting point for lv.6 -> now you can pass the door that is above stairs E -> stairs I -> lv.5 -> stairs R -> lv.4 -> take the key -> stairs S -> lv.5 -> here you will need 2 keys which are on different direction than the main one, so check for instruction below the maps links -> stairs 4 -> lv.4 -> stairs 5 -> lv.3 -> stairs 6 -> lv.2 -> take another key -> then go to stairs 7 -> lv.3 -> stairs 8 -> lv.2 -> stairs 10 -> lv.11 -> take the key -> fight the final demon -> stairs 11 -> lv.12 -> take the tablet /the treasure for which you spend all this turns / -> the secret passage will open -> Exit
After doing all the levels and annihilating the Giant Demyon our Dinoz are cursed curse TODO and remain so until the war between Frutox and Vegetox is terminated.
This curse makes your dinoz transform to appear like a frutox during combat. Seems you need to either get rid of the curse or at least look for a disguise. The good news your skills are maintained, so that looks are deceiving.
Talk to Anne Hindy
Go to the Palace Grotox
Wait 20 hours (keep in mind that there is no timer like for Madame X missions)
Grotox Palace
Grotox Palace (Monster Island)
Talk to Grotox and fight against him and 3 Frutox soldiers
Talk to Grotox
Go back to the ruins and talk to Hindy Anne
Go to Elit Camp
Buy Vegetox Guard Costume a Vegetox Costume for each dino in group
Put the costume in the inventory of each dino in group
Go to the Antraxov Palace
Wait a 10 hours
Antraxov Palace
Antraxov Palace (Monster Island)
Talk to Antraxov who agrees to peace only after it receives a Devourer Seed.
Give Devourer Seeds the Devourer Seed
You need ONLY ONE Devourer Seed per account.
The price of a Devourer Seed is either control of the Devourer at the Steppes at server reset or bid for it at MarketPlace (value 15000gold).
Now you can move in the whole island without using the costumes.
Go to the Grotox Palace
Talk to Grotox
Go to the Cuzcous Ruins and attend to the peace talks.
Talk to Anne Hindy - the account holder receives congratulations for bringing peace.
Now its time to return to the Palaces to receive the rewards.
Go to Grotox Palace and talk to receive the Epic Item Small Mission Guide Small Mission Guide.
This book allows the account holder to see how many missions each dinoz has completed. An example, Apple (Dinoz) has completed 9 of 11 Soft Shaman missions.
Go to the Antroxov Palace and talk to gain acces to Vegetox Outpost.
Now you can undertake Sgt Pepper's missions.
Talk with Antroxov to have the curse removed.
This is optional for those that like to keep the look of a fruit, talk only once.

The quest is over and now access is available to do the Sargent Pepper missions.