Quest for Epic Items

You can find the list of your epic rewards on the page My Account. These items can be obtained by completing Quests or by participating in Epic events which add rhythm to the life of the site. You can only possess one of each epic item and they are visible to the other players of DinoRPG.

You can perform Epic Quests regardless of the mission undertaken.

Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth (Dinoland)
7*Magic Star Sidereal Feather Gold Napodino
Mutant Falls
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)
Waterlilly Pads Fountain Pearl
Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Kabuki Aura
Venerable's Lair
Venerable's Lair (Lavapit)
Venerable's Eye
King's Citadel
King's Citadel (Magnetic Steppes)
Negative Lodestone Shard
Steppes Borders
Steppes Borders (Magnetic Steppes)
Twilight Cementery
Twilight Cementery (Dinoland)
Demon Scroll
Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Small Mission Guide
Grandpa Joe's Home
Grandpa Joe's Home (Dinoland)
6*Tac Tickets
Frish Port
Eccentric Man (Dinoland)
Locked Dictionary
Brutforce (Dinoland)
Quetzu Trophy
Dinotown (Dinoland)
Taurus the magnificent
Steppes Border Outpost
Steppes Border Outpost (Magnetic Steppes)
Belius the illustrious Mandragore Doll
Dinoville Castle
Dinoville Castle (Dino Plaza)
Archdorogon Palace
Archdorogon Palace (Nimbao)
Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Smog Egg Smog Egg + Smog Trophy Smog Trophy
Acces to Professor Henderson Missions