Clan Wars

Clans are groups of players of DinoRPG. Being part of a Clan allows you to talk with other players, trade techniques, tips, and train. You can join a Clan or create your own Clan from the menu Clans.

You can only be a member of one Clan. To join a Clan, you first find one that suits your profile. The description of the clan, given by the Clan creator, the number of known players in the Clan, the Clan's reputation ... all these factors will help you in choosing which clan to join.
Once you've found a Clan you like, you can ask to become a member. To avoid frivolous requests, this action costs 1.000XP + 2500gold. These gold coins will be lost if your request is accepted by the Clan creator. On the other hand, if your request is refused or if you choose to withdraw your request, your coins will be refunded. You can cancel your request at any time before it's been accepted or declined. If you decide you would prefer to join another clan, simply cancel your request before it is accepted or declined.

Clans can fight each other in the Clan War!