Vegetox Outpost
Sgt Pepper
Vegetox Outpost (Monster Island)

To be able to go to the Monster Island your dinoz must give Joveboze a warm bread.
See Monster Island page.
Is recommending that dinos have level 30 or or higher.

No Name Requirments Reward
1. Warrior Training 40XP
2. Mine Field "Warrior Training" 50XP
3. Mouktization "Mine Field" 3000gold
4. Initiation "Mouktization"
5. The Capturer's Glove "Initiation" + speak with Antroxov 100XP + Capture Glove

1. Warrior Training

Go to Port monstrous
Do 100 pushups (combatt so use active step for all in team)
Go to the Palace Grotox
Do 30 laps Palace (combat)
Fight monsters
Go to the Ruins of Cuzcous
Lift 50 Big Stones (combat)
Combat Ward of Vegetox
Go to Camp Elit
Do 100 pushups
Validate the mission

2. Mine Field

Go to the Outpost Frutox
Talk with Minesweeper (defuse)
Use a Danger Detector (make sure you buy these in advance)
Defuse (Combat 8 Minimouk - have active turn available for all team)
Use a lighter (make sure you buy these in advance)
Validate the mission

3. Mouktization

Go to BrutForce
Kill the Mouktiz
Going to University
Kill the Mouktiz
Go to Precipitous Hills
Kill the Mouktiz
Go to Market Place
Kill the Mouktiz
Go to Dinoplaza
Kill the Mouktiz
Validate the mission

4. Initiation

Go to Dinotown
Capture a Goupignon
Go to Sticky Swamp
Capture a Pirhanoz
Validate the mission

5. The Capturer's Glove

Go to the Ruins of Cuzcous
Fight hordes of Demyom
Validate the mission

Capture Glove Capture Glove - This item can be used by your Dinoz to capture monsters who'll then be able to help you during fights!

CAPTURE allows your Dinoz to catch MONSTERS. This doesn't work with all monsters but the majority of them! Once a MONSTER has been captured, it will stay with your Dinoz during the FIGHTS until the MONSTER is dead. Monsters cannot be healed outside of a FIGHT, this means that often they die very quickly, don't become too attached to them!
Only a maximim of three monsters can help each of your Dinoz. If one of your Dinoz has more than 3 living MONSTERS, those that help your Dinoz during a fight will be chosen at random!

Captured monsters will fight on your side until they die.
You can have a maximum of three monsters fight with you. If you capture more than that then three will be picked at random.