Racial Skills

Some races possess an additional skill.

Horned Charge Softpig P Increases the strength of the first assault by 20%. -
Shell Winks P Increases the armour by 1. -
Rock Rocky P Becomes a favourite target of the enemies. -
Rampage Santaz S Removes enemies' armor. -
Cuirass Ferros P Reduces part of the damage at the moment of an opponent's attack. -
Elusive Kabuki P Evasion +10% -
Artful Dodge Tofufu P Increases the chances of avoiding a type A attack by 10% -
Wipeout Mahamuti A Sends a shockwave through all surrounding enemies weak
Napomagician Etherwasp S The dinoz can equip 2 magic objects at the same time -
Bigmagnon Tricerithumps S The Dino jumps on his adversaire and thumps him for several turns! -
Mass Frenzy Demon Wanwan A Add the efect Haste to the Group. weak
Softpig Charge Demon Softpig A Attacks one enemy with Fire Strength 5 plus Wood strength 3 weak
Hard Boiled Demon Winks P Add +6 to all defenses. -
Brutal Force Demon Gorilloz P Increase the strength orf the all assaults by 6. -
Caushemesh Origins Demon Kabuki P Increases assaults of the dinoz by 30 (+30 to attack) when it is in Caushemesh -
Force of Darkness Demon Glidwing P +25% endurance and recovery -
Light Force Demon Moueffe P Increases assaults of the dinoz by 30 when it is in the Dark World. -