War reputation

In clan wars, there are 3 values used to set the final ranking, 2 of them are known and the last is hidden the ranking points (that I'll call RANK in the future):

  • RANK is determined with your REP and is used to calculate PWIN PLOST points.
  • RANK is live updated on your war clan page

Reputation (that I'll call REP in the future)

  • REP is calculated with your PWIN/PLOST and is used to calculate your RANK.
  • REP is updated only on server update at 0.00 server time.

Victory/lost points that I'll call PWIN and PLOST in the future).

  • PWIN PLOST are calculated with RANK and are used to determine your REP.
  • PWIN PLOST are calculated at end of each war.


  • For each war you win, you gain PWIN points, (and the opponent get PLOST).
  • For each war you lose you gain PLOST points (and your opponent get PWIN).
  • PWIN = 100 * (10000 + ennemy RANK) / (10000 + your RANK)
  • PLOST = 100 * (10000 + your RANK) / (10000 + ennemy RANK)
  • PWIN and PLOST from a single war are maximized to 300 and minimized to 10.
  • if you win a war on a clan before you in the ranking, you gain more than 100 PWIN
  • if you win a war versus a clan below you in the ranking, you gain less than 100 PWIN
  • if you lose to a clan that is before you in the ranking you "gain" less than 100 PLOST
  • if you lose to a clan below you in the ranking, you "gain more than 100 PLOST

use the rank show in your "war page" just before the final hit: if you're attacking and some one take his revenge on you, the RANK displayed on the clan home page is not correctly updated, only the one on "war page" is correct.

if someone take his revenge, not only it remove the PWIN you have win versus them before, but it also give you the PLOST for the defeat.

  • add all your PWIN to get your TOTALPWIN
  • add all your PLOST to get your TOTALPLOST


  • reputation is only updated at 0.00 each day (server reset)

  • REP = 100 * ((500 + TOTALPWIN)/(500 + TOTALPLOST))^0,8

  • REP can go higher than 500, but then only 500 is used to calculate RANK
  • Reputation lost if castle stay down if your castle stay down more than one server reset, you start losing rep (0 the first reset, -1 the second, -2 the 3rd ...)
  • the total reputation lost from a down time is:
  • REPLOST = (number of consecutive reset down)*(number of consecutive reset down -1 ) / 2
  • calculate for each time your castle is down and sum it to get your TOTALREPLOST
  • add REP and TOTALREPLOST for your final reputation