celestial temple
Sage Rhubabao'riley
Celestial Temple (Nimbao)

To unlock Sage missions a master needs to have:

No Name Requirments Reward
1. ET Foam home finished the Celestial Temple quest 20treasury + chalice + ring
2. A little drop of ether 30treasury + necklace
3. Lodestone Shard crown + brooch
4. What has become of Dinoland Devourer Seeds
5. Meditation 80XP
6. Spiritual Combat 50treasury

1. ET Foam home

Go to haunted hills and levy foam
Go to the deep gorges and extract ice
Fight the adult dwarf archelion
Validate mission

2. A little drop of ether

Go to Extraction Complex
Fight serpheter
Validate mission

3. Lodestone Shard

Go To The Lodestone Pylons
Fight Behemotin
Go to Celestial Temple
Validate mission

4. What has become of Dinoland

Give an Irma Potion
Give a Meat Pie
Give a Battle Ration
Give a Goblin Merguez
Give a Rescue Helmet
Give a Monochromatic
Give a Danger Detector
Give a Devil Ointment
Give an Ember
Give an Amnesiac Rice
Validate the mission

5. Meditation

Wait 10h

6. Spiritual Combat

Fight Rhubabao'riley
Validate mission

When you finish all the missions, talk to Rhubabao'riley to get lvl 70 unlock status and unlock level 70.