Injured Soldier
Dinotown (Dinoland)

Talk to Venerable at Venerable's Lair. When you go to Dinotown, you meet a Injured Soldier.

You pass an Injured Soldier sprawled out on the side of the street. He appears to be in a very bad state, but it seems he's still conscious........barely.

'Give the soldier a warm bread' to obtain Membership Card Membership Card. This member card allows your Dinoz to access to the Lavapit Training Center!

Lavapit Training Center
Big-All-Hot Volcano
Lavapit Training Center
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)

Dear customer, welcome to the L.T.C. Our Center is authorized by the I.D.R.L (Institute of Dinoz Research & Learning) and allows you to develop the muscular strength and performance of your Dinoz with our Combat-on-Measure program's help.

Once you have chosen a program, the cost of the program will be immediately debited from your account. Your Dinoz will then carry out a Combat-on-Measure of the corresponding difficulty:

  • Easy - 500gold
  • Medium - 550gold
  • Advanced - 600gold

BEWARE: Make sure to fully heal your Dinoz before each fight! The L.T.C cannot be held responsable in the case of your Dinoz death, and your Dinoz won't earn any experience points if he dies!