Boss Fights

Boss fight hints:

  • Switch off all A- , E- skills with strength under 90 or under strength of your strongest assault.
  • Switch off Detonation, Stumbs, Good Whack and Flood if it does small damage - all those skill eat your energy out very fast in solo fight and you get few attacks from boss in raw after that.
  • Not forget to switch off other not needed skills that can eat your energy like primal state.
  • Low level dinoz can try to use monos and pills.
  • Vines always helps.
lvl 40+
Fire Element
Venerable's Lair (Lavapit)
Immune to Petrification
Not immune to poison and infernal talons, but infernal talons do zero damage. Attack: aoe (it is a direct attack so danger detectors are not working), removes immaterial status dealing 1 damage and penetrates bubble doing full damage.
Hints: equip 3 refrigerated shield (can be bought in shop by Forges) and 2 Battle Rations or Survival Kits.
Vaporous form dinoz beware - triggering of VF negates all refrigerator shields bonuses.
So switching off sapper and/or taking more shields can be useful.
Best time to kill before lvl 51 cause it was reported the xp drops a lot.
XP: 1440 (with prof and int 1587) at lvl 49
Special skill: Meteors
lvl 30
Lightning Element
Celesteial Island of Nimbao
You will encounter Morg 2 or 3 times depending on if you finished Quetzu Quest before you started Chen's missions or not.
First encounter: Summit of Everwest. During the first part of Nimbao quest.
Attack: usual attack, St Elmas Fire (aoe), doesn't remove immaterial status
Immune to Petrification
Not poison immune not immune to slow.
Hints: Since he has usual attack it is a good idea to equip up to 4 flamelets and one Battle Ration.
Usually group of 3 lvl 43 dinoz has no problems with Morg.
Best time to kill as soon as you hit lvl 43
XP: single dino of lvl 37 was 400xp, 3x43 without prof and intelligence 900xp

Second encounter - Mutated Morg Path to the palace. During the second part of Nimbao quest (Quetzu quest).
Attack: aoe
Immune to Petrification
Not poison immune not immune to slow.
Hints: equip 3 Battle Ration or survival kits and pill. Mono if you have problems, fight in group.
Best time to kill: before you go to Caushemesh, at lvl 45-48, or earlier if you want to buy qeutzu.
XP: 3x45-47 without prof and intelligence got 1125 xp

Third encounter At the end of 5th Chens mission (if grizorg still alive).
The same a first encounter but less XP gain
XP For a team of 3*lvl44 each dino got 11 base XP after the XP boost update.
Special skill: Focus, St Elmas Fire
Archdorogon Grizorg
lvl 30+
Void Element
Archdorogon Palace (Nimbao)
Attack aoe
Immune to Petrification
Not poison immune not immune to slow.
Hints equip 3 BR or survival kits.
XP none
Special skill: multiattacks
lvl 30+
Void Element
Sticky Swamp
Attack: usual and aoe
Not immune to petrification and poison.
Can be killed by trio of lvl 35 dinoz.
XP poor (9xp for 3x45 lvl)
Special skill:
The Giant Demyon
lvl 30+
Void Element
Immune to poison, immune to petrification and can heal up to 50hp
Attacks: "Psionic Attack" which look alike Blazing Twilight.
His AoE does not pierce immaterial. He cycles the elements in his claw attacks and will finally hit air, removing you from immaterial. You will get cursed at the end of the fight
Since being cursed is mandatory, don't go there with self-control dinoz or else getting stuck and have to PM Epoq to get the curse on
XP: base: 60 xp for a group of 36/36/32. 33 xp for 3x40
Special skill: Psionic Attack
lvl 30+
Void Element
Villa (Dino Plaza)
Not Immune to poison and to petrification and to slow.
Attack usual, has multiattacks
Hints Use a lot of reinforcement items, switch all A- skills with power under 140-150.
XP: none
Special skill: multiattacks
lvl 30+
Void Element
Attack: usual attack and Kaar-Sher Beam Immune to petrification, can be poisoned, not immune to slow.
XP 2k base XP
Special skill: Kaar-Sher Beam and has a Fetid Breath which does 40 points of damage. The ray does significant damage, about 90hp per dinoz (lvl 47).
lvl 30+
Void Element
First encounter - at Mutant Falls - this is quest for beginners, Bao Bob will help you, and heal after fight so you do not have to worry.

Secound encounter - Caushemesh - Mandragore and Sofia will fight with you, buy you don't get XP this time...
Special skill:
Sage Rhubabao'Riley
lvl 30+
Void Element
Attack: usual, doesn't remove immaterial, high chances for countering, uses Focus and Fireball skills
Immune to petrification
Not immune to Poison from Smelly Aura, not immune to Life Source
Hints: Use strong 50+ group or immaterial dinoz, heal to 100%. Use kits and reinforcements.
XP: 800xp for lonely dinoz at lvl 53
Special skill: Focus, Fireball, often counter-attack