Master Zenith
Brutforce (Dinoland)

The Dojo is a place where you can train your Dino against each other in single combat.

You can make your Dino confront them, but also face the Dino members of your clan by clicking on the button Test your Dino.

It is offered five challenges every day, you try to meet them to raise the reputation of your Dojo to participate in the tournament Inter-Dojo!

If you win or remove 5 challenges offered in the day, a new list of 5 challenges you will be given immediately.

creare dojo Create your Dojo

To create your Dojo, you will need to meet Zenith Master who appears in Brutforce regularly. They will tell you how to build your Dojo and how to operate it. You will then choose a location and click "Create Dojo". Once the Dojo is built, you can access it from anywhere. However, you can make your Dino face them if they are present at the place of the Dojo.

challenges Challenges

This button allows access challenges to the challenges of the Dojo. Choose an opponent from the list of challengers available, they will be chosen based on your Dinoz LEVEL. Then choose the Dino you think works best to complete the objective.

A fight then begins between these 2 Dinoz. If you win, your Dojo reputation increases and you can select a new challenge. If you are defeated, you lose no reputation, but your Dojo merit is reduced and the challenge remains available.

A Dino can only complete one challenge among the five proposed. You must be careful in choosing which Dino you use to win the challenge.

All Dino will be available again if you manage to beat the 5 challenges. Dino do not lose hit points after a challenge, they always start up the challenge at full health. The use of consumable items is blocked during the whole fight, only special items are used.

This means that you need at least 5 Dinoz to be able to complete the challenges as a whole.

A challenge is too difficult? No worries, you can resign and vacate by clicking the little red cross that appears overview of the challenge.

But beware, cancel a challenge and your Dojo will lose reputation! Note, that you must have tried a challenge before you can cancel!

reputation Reputation and Merit

These are two distinct values. Reputation is the ability of the Dojo to complete challenges. A strong reputation indicates that the dojo has completed a number of challenges and has been able to demonstrate a strategy for achieving the objectives sought.

However, Merit is the number of fights won compated to the total number of fights done.

The Dojo's ranking takes into account these 2 values, it is calculated as follows:
Reputation x (Number of bouts won / total nbr of fighting made)
It is accessible via the page rank of the interface of the Dojo.

Operating points

A challenge won increases reputation of your Dojo by 2 points. If you arrive at the goal, you win 2 more reputation points.

Of course, a challenge lost cancels the goal (even if achieved), the Dojo and earns no point of reputation.

Values may be adjusted over time.


Fights are always a cons 1 (except skills to call for reinforcements), and limited time in which the use of consumable items is disabled.

Each challenge is associated with a target that takes account of the battle. You will be asked for example:
Defeat your opponent by losing less than 20 points.

Once the battle is over, you can access your statistics, and if you realize the objective sought, the more reputation you will be assigned.

History The history of fighting

The History page is devoted to the challenges you complete, you can review the fighting at leisure.

Tournament The Inter-Dojo Tournament

On this page you can select the Dino who will participate in the Tournament. You can switch between which Dino is fighting in the final stages. The tournament begins when the knock-out stages end. The 256 Dojos who have managed to climb to the summit of rank with the best reputation, will have the chance to compete in the tournament.

Tournament button allows you to access the Tournament page. For more than a week, players will compete in 16 groups of 16 players. Once the first round ended, the 16 finalists will meet players in the final group. Dino is the best teacher designated the end of this ordeal. Contrary to the challenges during the final phases, the Dino really lose their point of life, we must treat them between fights to optimize their chances of victory. The objects used rediviennnent

Addition on prizes

The 256 dojos will be divided into 16 groups after these groups, the 16 winners will compete directly to determine the best teacher Dino!

Here are the prizes for this Inter-Dojo Tournament:

  • Champion: The Zen Medal will go to the Master of Masters + 3 Napodinos + 100 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets **
  • Runner-Up: 3 Napodinos + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Semi final: 2 Napodinos + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Quarter final: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Last 16: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes + 50 Demon Tickets
  • Last 32: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes
  • Last 64: 1 Napodino + 50 Treasury Notes
  • Last 128: 1 Napodino + 30 Treasury Notes
  • Last 256: 1 Napodino + 10 Treasury Notes

Remember, the players with the Top 50 Dojos at the end of the qualification phase will win a Baby Tofufu.