Kabuki Quest

This is not a mission itself, you can do this quest while having another mission underway. It appears randomly at the Fish Port. It needs to be done only once and all Dinoz can participate.

Frish Port
Fish Port (Dinoland)

Punk offers a Heads or Tails that you must lose, then give him 10.000gold and talk to him. Then the second launch, betting 100.000gold (that you don't need to have)... You are here obliged to win. After the victory, the Punk escapes.

Forges of the Big-All-Hot
The Forges of the Big All-Hot (Lavapit)

Then go to The Forges of the Big All-Hot. Thwart his disguise and redeem your reward. You have to fight (a Dinoz level 20 is recommended). Once the battle won, Yakuzi flees again.

Deep Gorges
Deep Gorges (Lavapit)

Visit to the Gorges where he claims to be frozen (requires lantern), thwart his malicious subterfuge and remind him again that you should get your reward. A new battle will begin then, beat first Yakuzi, a Kabuki comes to his aid, also beat it to win. Once again, Yakuzi has fled, leaving behind him a parchment.

Profesor Igor
University (Dinoland)

Appointment then at the University where you give the parchment to Professor Igor. Wait until he has finished translating it and talk to him. He will ask you to bring certain ingredients needed to build an Aura Kabuki. You will need to bring:

5 Lujidanee Grouper Lujidanee Grouper You need skill Apprentice Fisherman. You can fish at Frish Port, Mutant Falls, Waikiki Island, and Jumin River.
5 Pelinae Leaves Pelinae Leaves You need skill Gathering. You can harvest at Fountainf on Youth, University, Sticky Swamp, Sinister Path, Edge of the Forest, and Forges of the Big All Hot.
5 Fur Tuft Fur Tuft You need skill Smashroom Hunter. You can hunt at Precipitous Hills, Grandpa Joe's, Bao Bob's, Korgon Camp, and Wild Jungle.
2 Sharpened Flint Sharpened Flint You need skill Search. You can excavate at Dinotown, Coral Mines, Haunted Hills, and Ashpouk Ruins.
1 Air Energy Air Energy You need (lvl 3 skill) skill Elemental Fission. You can energize for air energy at Brutforce.
1 Water Energy Water Energy You need (lvl 3 skill) skill Elemental Fission. You can energize for water energy at Underwater Dome.

You have to wait 72 hours for the Aura.

Coral Mines
Profesor Igor
Coral Mines (Atlantean Islands)

Once done, a problem occurs. Come meet Professor Igor at the Coral Mines. You will fight him (alone) and lose this battle. He then flees on to the Totem Island.

Totem Island
Totem Island (Atlantean Islands)

Follow Professor Igor (new turn) and meet Yakuzi. He has Kabuki Aura and will help you find way to Kabuki Island.
Go to Totem Island (new turn). A new battle begins (in group). Yakuzi will help you.
Once final battle is finished, you make peace with Yakuzi and he gives you your reward.

Kabuki AuraKabuki Aura
Kabuki EggKabuki Egg

Make sure to check back with Yakuzi very often, he will grant you a 2nd and later a 3rd Kabuki egg for 50.000gold a piece.