Tutorial for beginners

NOTE: This text was originally written by Lolwhut and can be read on the DinoRPG forum. The following version has been modified for this guide - some images and links are added and part relating to the forum was not included.

Starting Up

When you just start up the game, you’ll receive 20.000gold and several items in your inventory. You get to choose your very first Dinoz! You’ll notice that some are more expensive than others, but that doesn’t always mean they are better. My suggestion, pick a cool Dinoz who is worth 16.000gold and start with 2 points in the same element. For example, a Sirain is cheap, has 2 water and is easy to train.
For more information about dinoz races, see the Dinoz Page.

What’s Next

Your Dinoz will start in an area called Dinotown Kingdom, in Dinotown to be exact. This could be considered as the beginning area for new Masters to roam around. You can move your Dinoz by simply press on the Move ‘Move’ button. A little map will pop up and you can click on your new destination.
You can find maps on the Maps page.

But where exactly to go? Well, you want to do some missions to earn experience points, gold and perhaps inventory items. The first mission giver you will meet will be Grandpa Joe. He is located at Grandpa Joe’s Home and will give 11 missions for you to do. As you advance in the game, you’ll notice there will be much more mission givers for you to visit. Either in the starting area or other areas you can visit. If you’re stuck with a mission, don’t panic! Here you can find guide which help you to do missions correctly.

How To Reach Other Areas

Once you’re done exploring the first area, you want to spread your wings and visit a new one to check out. But how to get there? There are 3 other areas adjacent to the Dinotown Kingdom. One of them is called the Atlantean Islands, the other Mount Big All-Hot and Dinotown West. Before you can reach these, you’ll need ‘status items’ on your Dinoz. Status items don’t count for all the Dinoz you own, so every Dinoz have to get these individual. If you want to travel to the Atlantean Islands, you will need Buoy the Buoy. For traveling to the Mount Big All-Hot, you will need Climbing Gear the Climbing Gear. Both can be obtained after visiting Profesor Eugene at the University. Beware though, you will need to fight if you want to get these!

If you want to visit Dinotown West, you'll need the Buoy and Climbing Gear and talk to Michael the Guide in Dinotown.
Ofcourse, there are more areas to visit, but for now we will only spoil these 3.

Buying A Second Dinoz

After days of fighting and bloodshed, you finally gathered enough money to buy a second Dinoz. But what to pick? Well, you can basically pick any Dinoz you like, but I’d still choose one of the cheaper ones. If your first Dinoz was a Sirain, maybe a Dinoz with different elements would be the next best thing. You can do the same missions and gather the same status items with this Dinoz. Or any other Dinoz you get.

There’s also another way to choose your Dinoz.
Mainly, there are 3 things where you could pick your Dinoz for:

  • Fighter – This one will do missions and advance in levels and perhaps fight in wars or any other Person vs Person event.
  • Collector – This one will collect ingredients. You will need special skills for that [marked with C] and you will need to travel to certain places before you can collect ingredients.
  • U–Skiller – This one will try to get Unique [marked with U] skills. U skills will count for all Dinoz, but can’t be stacked.


Your Dinoz levels up and can get… Uhm, what? There are so many skills to choose from and some sound way better than they are in reality. This can be very confusing, especially for someone who just started. Getting to know the Skill Trees for every element is already a big step in the good direction. You can read about all skills on Skills page. But what to pick?! Well, there are several things to keep in mind before choosing your skill. What kind of Dinoz is it gonna be? A Fighter, Collector or a U – Skiller? And in what element did they level up? Their main element or their non-main element?

I’ll try to explain every type of Dinoz, but still there are many ways to train your Dinoz. Giving your own touch on a Dinoz could lead to an impressive build. But let’s just start with the basics.

  • Fighter
    • Main Element - If your Dinoz (let’s say a Sirain) levels up in Water, than that’s his Main Element! Why? Because when you bought him, he started with 2 Water and his chance for the drawing of this element are greatest (for Sirain chance for Water is 55%). Leveling in your main element isn’t tough at all. You can basically choose everything you want. Remember though, pick all the level 1 skills you want first before unlocking to the 2nd level skills, etc! This way you will not waste levels.
    • Non Main Element - If your Sirain levels up in, for example, Fire, then it’s not his main element. You might feel your Dinoz is terrible already, but in fact it’s not. Non main elements are just as important as main elements! Obviously, you can’t pick every skill in Fire. So look at the skill trees for Fire to see if there’s a Fire skill that’s intresting to have. For example, Self Control could be a great skill on every Dinoz. So, the only path you’d choose with your Sirain would be Wrath. So, Wrath – unlock – Warm Blood – unlock – Nap – unlock – Self Control.
  • Collector - Your Dinoz is going to collect ingredients. Ingredients can be sold for gold, but can also be donated to your clan. Leveling collectors is pretty easy. You just follow the path in the skill tree that leads to these skills. Collector skills are marked with a C. For example, you want to collect Plants. You will need an Air Dinoz for that, Cloudoz for example. The skills you need to collect Plants are Gathering and Sharp Eye. For this you will need to follow Strategy – unlock – Gathering – unlock – Sharp Eye. You can already collect with Gathering, but Sharp Eye will provide more rare plants, which are worth more.
  • U–Skiller - Just like a collector Dinoz, you will only need specific skills. Unique skills are marked with a U. For example, Merchant will give a discount in the Shop, which makes buying items cheaper. Merchant is a skill, so you’d need a lightning Dinoz, like Glidwings. To get Merchant, you need to follow Intelligence – unlock – Lightning Conductor – unlock – Elemental Fission – unlock – Merchant.

There are also skills called Double Skills. Meaning 1 skill consists out of the combination of 2 skills. In order to get this you will need the 2 needed skills first, before you can unlock a Double Skill. An example of a Double Skill would be Bubble. Bubble is created out of Sapper and Vaporous Form. When you get these 2 skills, you need to talk to Madam X. The next level up in water or air you can unlock Bubble. The next level up in water or air and you can choose Bubble.

Again, look carefully at skill trees and plan your Dinoz wisely!

Other tips for beginners

  • Save up your gold and don’t use any inventory items. This way you’ll be able to buy more Dinoz sooner. More Dinoz = more gold income.
  • Get the Epic Item Pearl. With this, all your Dinoz can recover 5 health points at the Fountain of Youth at 0:00 midnight. Note: Epic Items count for ALL Dinoz and you need to get only 1 of each. Epic items are shown on your account page. For more details see Epic Items page
  • Use Rest the ‘Rest’ button! This way your Dinoz can recover to 50% of HP all for free. Meaning you save more gold to buy new Dinoz.

How To Get Gold

  • When you’ve defeated a monster, you’ll receive also a random amount of gold. This could be 88 gold, this could be 9000 gold.
  • Selling ingredients, Dinoz or other items on the Tamer Market in the hopes another player will buy them.
  • You can also sell ingredients to the Itinerant Merchant. This Merchant travels every week to another place. Every day he buys different kinds of ingredients so time it right when you want to sell.
  • Get the Unique skill ‘Merchant’. You won’t get gold with it, but it saves you gold.
  • You can also get gold with real cash. If you’re interested, press the ‘Buy Coins’ button in the upper left corner of your screen.

Turn Timer

This is also a loved subject for newcomers. So I’ll explain this once and for all. When you just start the game, you will get a new turn every few hours. Once you get more Dinoz, the timer will get longer and longer. In the end, you’ll be able to do a new turn every 23 hours. If you are eager to do another turn, you can also use an Irma Potion per Dinoz to do another move or fight. The turn timer will not change! It doesn’t matter how high you jump or how hard you yell that it’s unfair, it won’t. This is a side-game for patience people.