There are different types of occasional games in dinoRPG

Sponsor Tickets (unavailable after Twinoid)

Market Place
Market Place (Dinoland)
Hello there! How are you? I've found a way to earn loads of gold coins! Are you interested?

Isabella teaches you about TODO Sponsor Tickets.
Sponsoring other players allows you to win Sponsor Tickets.
These tickets can be used at the Market Place and can also be used to purchase a Special Dinoz: Feross.
To win a sponsor ticket, the players you refer must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The 1st Sponsor Ticket is credited following the first use of the Bank (spends real money).
  • The 2nd Sponsor Ticket is credited when a player's total purchases reach 30.000gold
  • The 3rd Sponsor Ticket is credited when a player's total purchases reach 100.000gold

Snowplough Game & Christmas Ticket

During the Christmas, the game plow made its appearance, the principle is the following:

  • You'll get an Xmas Ticket Christmas Ticket with each lot of 10.000gold bought from the Bank of Dinoland, no matter which payment method you use (the same goes for Treasury Notes B where 10 notes earns you 1 ticket).
  • Use this ticket in Dinotown.
  • Select a box from the grid of 100 squares.
  • Every ticket guarantees you a prize, and chance of obtaining Santaz or rare dinos egg. You can get up to 5 Santaz. Also you can get and energies, fur tuft, fish, flints, pelinae, Devourer Seeds... no one realy knows the exact probability of all ingredients.
  • To have the eggs is not necesary to have les dinoz (21 or 18 )... you can get the egg and open it whenever you like - the same for kabukis.

Percentages of getting 1 Santaz:
1 - 5%
2 - 9.8%
3 - 14.4%
4 - 18.8%
5 - 23.0%
10 - 41.6%
15 - 56.4%
20 - 68.1%
30 - 83.9%
40 - 92.7%
50 - 97.2%
Usualy Santaz egg values 150-200 , but on first days it can go up higher.

Sandcastle Game & Birthday Card

On DinoRPG birthday. You will receive Birthday Ticket Birthday Ticket for every 10.000gold bought from the Dinoland Bank, using any available payment method (also works with B Treasury Notes). Take one of your Dinoz to Frish Port to use your Tickets in the Sandcastle Game!

Fireworks game & Magic fuse

Usually occurs during independence day. For every 10,000gold or 10B bought, you will find Magic Fuse a MAGIC FUSE in your inventory which is your key to fortune and fame, bring it to DinoTown and win fabulous prizes !

Urma's Easter eggs

Madame Urma's eggs
Dinotown (Dinoland)
I'm sure you've heard of my sister Irma, but please try not to get us mixed up! I'm a lot more powerful, and I'm going to prove it to you!

You can bu up to 51 Madame Urma's Egg Madame Urma's Egg.


The kingdom of Dinotown appears to be the temporary home of some curiously generous goblins... Goblins are creatures generally reknowned for their mischevous antics, thievery and general misbehaviour, but these ones you'd be well advised to seek out - there could be something in it for you...
Itchin has already been spotted running around this afternoon, so if you get a move on you could catch up with him and shake him down for some goodies...

You can speak to him ones a day with only 1 dinoz. He gives you a free product. Probably he will change location like the merchent. So every day a new location and a new product.

Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Itchin's t' name. Fixin's t' game. Heard ye was runnin' around, upsetting us workin' folks!
  • 14.12.2011 at Frish Port: We's not goin' ta be 'round 'ere for much longer! Pleasure ta meet ye tho - 'ere, take these potions... (2 Irma Potions)
Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth (Dinoland)
Itchin did tell me yesterday that you'd be looking for me, but I didn't expect you to get here so quickly!
  • 15.12.2011 at Fountain of Youth: There you go! A Meat Pie to restore some XP! (1 Meat Pie)
Grandpa Joe's Home
Grandpa Joe's Home (Dinoland)
They call me Snoblin. Of course that's not my real name, that would be Dinglebahn Snoblington III. Simplin had implied that you'd be looking for me!
  • 16.12.2011 at Grandpa Joe's Home: Please accept these Battle Rations to help your dinoz recover in the heat of battle! (2 Battle Rations)
Dinotown (Dinoland)
So you finally caught me, I had great fun making you chase me. As a reward, I'm going to give you a gift!
  • 17.12.2011 at Dinotown: There you go! Some Irma's Potions for the traveller! (3 Irma Potions)
University (Dinoland)
Problin here. Much too busy to stand here chit-chatting all day, capitalist empires don't build themselves you know...
  • 18.12.2011 at University: I'm only poking fun young Dinoz Master, it is time for action, not reflection, so take this Authentic Warm Bread for you to heal your dinoz (1 Warm Bread)
Precipitous Hills
Precipitous Hills (Dinoland)
  • 19.12.2011 at Precipitous Hills: (2 Cloud Burgers)
University (Dinoland)
I'm Magicklin. Looks like I'll be going back to the drawing board with that invisibility spell... robbing the Dinotown bank will have to wait... ahem, what? I didn't say anything...
  • 20.12.2011 at University: They're Irma's Potions. You can use them to take another turn whenever you like! (2 Irma potions)
Grandpa Joe's Home
Grandpa Joe's House (Dinoland)
Unbelievable... What do you have to do to get some shut-eye around here! Seriously, between you interrupting my sleep and the News of the Land intercepting my phonecalls I don't know whether I'm coming or going
  • 21.12.2011 at Grandpa Joe's House: OK. Here's an Angel Potion. You can use use to revive your Dinoz! It's really useful, for example when you annoy someone who's tired, and they hit you with a Cold Shower! (1 Angel potions)
Brutforce (Dinoland)
I'm Timidlin. I guess I'm a lot better at hide-and-seek than I thought... took you ages to find me! You did find me though, well done!
  • 22.12.2011 at Brutforce: You do! You get 2 Battle Rations. Enjoy! When things get tough, you can use a Battle Ration to recover up to 20 health points! (2 Battle Rations)
Dinotown (Dinoland)
We really have to stop meeting like this! I'd hate to disappoint you, so I suppose I can spare another gift for such a talented Dinoz Master!
  • 23.12.2011 at Dinotown: For the hungry Dinoz, there's nothing better than a good Meat Pie. This hearty meal instantly restores 30 health points. (2 Meat Pies)
University (Dinoland)
Have you moved anywhere since the last time we spoke? You'll never build an empire standing still... I'd imagine you've been waiting to ambush me for more gifts!
  • 24.12.2011 at University: Speaking of which, my bank is about to shut down and I'll be living off a pension of 3 million Irma's Potions per month, so you're more than welcome to a few! These'll be the last ones you get from me though! (4 Irma Potions)
Market Place
Marketplace (Dinoland)
Yuletide felicitations young Dinoz Master... I'm Porcelin. I've been hearing a lot about you! I hope you've been making the most of my friends' generosity!
  • 25.12.2011 at Marketplace: That's good to hear... I think I'll give you an Irma's Potions, but maybe you'd rather have 200 gold coins... that gets you well on the way to an Irma's potion! Decisions decisions... Haha, look at your face! I'm only joking Dinoz Master - I am feeling particularly generous today. I have 1 Xmas Ticket here with your name on it. (1 Xmas Ticket)

St. Patrick's day

Gots to get ready for the big game and the party tomorrow, come and see me if you're celebrating, I'll be knocking around for a couple days sure!

Frish Port
Weird dwarf guy
Frish Port (Dinoland)
Ah sure it's a grand day t' be out and about, getting some fresh air before the big day... y'know, St. Patricks's day!
  • don't speak with Simplin or other goblin! it is bug - you don't get a ticket, just a cake from christmas event...
  • 16.03.2012 at Frish Port: 2 Madam Irma's Potions
  • 17.03.2012 at Fountain of Youth: 1 Tac Ticket
  • 18.03.2012 at Grandpa Joe's House: 3 Madam Irma's Potions
  • 19.03.2012 at Dinotown: 1 Warm Bread