Master Zenith
Brutforce (Dinoland)

Master Zenit's missions will be available at level 69.

An old man is meditating, motionless, in a corner. He eyes you up carefully while stroking his narrow goatee... Watching you going round in circles seems to amuse him greatly...

No Name Requirments Reward
1. Infusion a fusion Dino must be at least level 69 2000gold
2. Le Cha "Infusion a fusion" 2000gold
3. L'affrontement "Le Cha" Unlock level 80 Unlock lvl 80

1. Infusion a fusion

Go to Holy Mountain of Everest (Nimbao)
Go Wild Jungle (Forest)
Go to Deep Gorges (Lavapit)
Go to Lavapit (Lavapit)
Complete mission at Brutforce

2. Le Cha

Go to Lavapit (Lavapit)
Wait 10h
Go to Mutant Falls (Islands)
Wait 10h
Go to the Haunted Hills (Forest)
Wait 10h
Go to the Steppes Borders (Magnetic Steppes)
Wait 10h
Go to Snowy Peak (Nimbao)
Wait 10h

3. L'affrontement

Fight elementals (easy)
Fight elementals (easy)
Fight Master Cha (a fancy wanwan) (slightly harder)