Big-All-Hot Volcano
Soft Shaman
Big-All-Hot Volcano (Lavapit)

Hey there young master! Welcome to the Lavapit ... capital of the Big All-Hot ... Don't hesitate to admire our magnificient basalt sculptures. There are magma baths here too. Relax, chill out. If you're hungry why don't you try our local speciality: Goblin Merguez ... it'll give you a little boost, give it a try ..... you'll see.

Go to Venerable and follow the conversation path:

  • Uhh... It's me
  • I was running after a Korgon and...
  • He has escaped
  • I would like my Dinoz to be stronger!

and the Venerable will give the Soft Shaman at Lavapit a hint. You will then get Fire Charm the Fire Charm when you talk to the Shaman next. Fire Charm increases the strength of all Fire assaults by 3, but is lost after a few fights or when your Dinoz dies. Get back to Soft Shaman then, he will give you a new one.

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