Deep Gorges
Deep Gorges (Lavapit)

A recent earthquake has made a break in the rock face. An ice-cold wind get away of it and you can see a strange man inspecting around.

Allows you to Freeze your Dinoz.

Your dinoz should be level +12 and for some part is better to have a group.

  • Get Buoy Buoy and Climbing Gear Climbing Gear at University
  • Go to the Coral mines to get Lucky Shovel The Lucky Shovel
  • Go to the Swamp and use the shovel (Sticky Mud)
  • Go to the Mutant falls to speak with the Atlantean Guard how to get the Scorpscuba Caller
  • Go back to the Coral mines to repair Broken Shovel the shovel
  • Go to the Fountain of Youth and use the shovel again (Pure Water)
  • Go to the Coral mines to repair Broken Shovel the shovel
  • Go to Basalt slopes and use the shovel (Basalt Shard)
  • Go to Frish Port talk to Jovebooze and fight a Scorpscuba (get Scorpscuba Caller the Scorpscuba caller)
  • Go to Underwater dome and give these items to the Archsage, fight the Earth Elemental Monster (lose Pure Water the water, Sticky Mud mud, Basalt Shard basalt, and get Zor's Glove the Zor glove)
  • Go to Mutant falls again, show the glove to Hydargol. He will then give you Waterlilly Pads the Waterlilly Pads definitely
  • Go to the Forest of Grumhel continue to Haunted hills, speak to The strange man and fight a korgon to get Lantern the lantern.
  • Go to the Tunnel under branch and down to the Deep Gorges.
  • Speak to the Popotholeler and now you can freeze your dinoz

The Dinoz stays in the players account and won't loose points.

Frozen Dinoz can be unfrozen but this until next day.. You can unfrost at 23 server time and use at 00 next day. That is a difference between sacrifice and freeze (sacrifice take 24 H). Once a Dinoz is Frozen a new one can be added.