New Rules

Information on Heroic Actions:

When your castle is attacked, but not destroyed, your defenders' morale increases.

When your morale reaches 100 points, your defenders will unleash a heroic action.

There are currently eight heroic actions:

  • Ghost Army: Your defenders cannot be touched
  • See you later!: All enemies are swallowed up by a black hole which makes it impossible for them to move for 7 hours.
  • Air Extraction: Your Dinoz will fly until the end of the battle, but they will still take one point of damage every turn.
  • Poisoned Arrows: Every enemy will be hit by a poisoned arrow at the start of the battle.
  • Bloodlust: Your defenders will be awarded lots of life points.
  • Heroic Initiative: A defender which uses this action will have their initiative increased and their attacks will no longer be able to be dodged.
  • Emergency Repairs: A monster will appear to repair your castle.
  • Immortal Warriors: Your defenders will be invincible for the rest of the battle

Heroic Actions Tips & Tricks:

  • The Heroic Actions are awarded randomly.
  • The Heroic Actions trigger automatically.

Information on Protection Spells and Mana:

To use these spells, you have to produce mana, in accordance with the ingredients list which is set every day. Every time these ingredients are used, a new list will be issued which will state the ingredients required to produce more mana.

Here is the list of available spells:

  • Enchanted Healing (minor)
    Cost: 5
    Effect: Restores up to 10 health points for each defending Dinoz after the next battle.
  • Enchanted Healing
    Cost: 10
    Effect: Restores up to 30 health points for each defending Dinoz after the next battle
  • Enchanted Healing (major)
    Cost: 20
    Effect: Restores up to 100 health points for each defending Dinoz after the next battle
  • Celestial Troops
    Cost: 7
    Effect: Increases the minimum number of defenders for the next attack by two.
  • Troops from the World Beyond
    Cost: 30 (Permanent)
    Effect: Increases the maximum number of Dinoz which can be assigned to defending the castle by five.
  • Defensive Reinforcements
    Cost: 40 (Permanent)
    Effect: Increases the minimum number of defenders for all attacks by one.
  • Thousand-year Drought
    Cost: 12
    Effect: During the next battle, the water element of all combattants will be reset to zero.
  • High Voltage
    Cost: 15
    Effect: During the next battle, the lightning element of all combattants will be reset to zero.
  • Zodiac Shield
    Cost: 20
    Effect: Cancels out the next use of Scale in battle.
  • Time Shield
    Cost: 25
    Effect: Protects your castle from enemy attacks for one hour
  • Magic Fog
    Cost: 45 (Permanent)
    Effect: Blocks anyone from attacking your castle for thirty seconds after a battle.
  • Red Respray
    Cost: 5 Permanent
    Effect: Gives your castle a reddish colour
  • Black Beauty
    Cost: 20 Permanent
    Effect: Gives your castle a dark colour
  • Mana Drain
    Cost: 10
    Effect: This spell immediately changes the ingredients required to produce more mana.
  • Self Belief
    Cost: 25 (Permanent)
    Effect: Doubles the gain of morale points after a battle
  • Abomination
    Cost: 30
    Effect: Sets up a special welcome for the next attackers !
  • Absolute Terror
    Cost: 20
    Effect: An attacker will flee the battlefield (as long as they are not alone).
  • Mirrored Shield
    Cost: 7
    Effect: Instead of hypnotising an enemy Dinoz, the next Dinoz to use Hypnosis will join the opposing team.
  • Spectral Form
    Cost: 10
    Effect: The castle becomes invisible for 10 hours, therefore is sheltered from attacks, however, your Dinoz will not be able to attack another clan. This spell is cast automatically and cannot be saved.

Protection Spells and Mana Tips & Tricks:

  • Spells trigger either automatically (eg. Black Beauty) or at the start of the next combat (eg. Absolute Terror).
  • Magic Fog blocks attacks for 30 seconds after EACH ATTACK.
  • Stocks of Mana start from zero and will last until the end of the Clan War.
  • Permanent Spells will last for the duration of the current Clan War.

Information on Attack Levels and Who can I attack:

Definition: The total of the levels of every Dinoz in a given group is referred to as the "power" of the group.

Explanation of the Attack Level system:

  • Less than 1,000 points: The castle belonging to this clan cannot be attacked by groups of Dinoz whose power is greater than 90. Normal battle duration.
  • 1,000 points or more:
    The castle belonging to this clan can be attacked by groups of Dinoz with unlimited power. Normal battle duration.

It will be impossible to attack a clan from a lower level unless it is a revenge attack.

  • Reputation between 0 and 99:
    An invisibility spell is cast (10h with zero chance of being attacked, but no possibility to attack either). This spell cannot be saved / collected and is only available when within the stated reputation range. It will take effect immediately.
  • Attack and Defense Tips & Tricks:
    Defense is limited to 1.3 times the power of the attacking group, so if the attacking group is limited to 90, the defending group is limited to 117.

Information on Points and Rankings:

Your Clan's reputation is the sum of the wars which it has won and lost. Clans are ranked according to their reputation.

When you win a war, you gain the reputation of the defeated Clan, which will then be added to your points total. Try to win Wars against Clans that have a good reputation in order to maximize your points.

These points are multiplied by your reputation and then divided by 100 in order to calculate your Clan's general ranking.

Example: Your clan has a reputation of 120, and has won two wars:

  • the first against "The Demons", with a reputation of 130
  • the second against "The Angels", with a reputation of 60.

Your clan therefore has 190 x 1.2, ie. 228 points in the main rankings !

These points are used to establish an overall clan ranking, and the best clans will be rewarded at the end of the Clan War.

Information on How to win a war:

All you need to do is to destroy the enemy's castle or if it is destroyed by another clan, you must have inflicted 75 points of damage.

Hints & Tips:

  • Defenders that are still alive are chosen to defend. If they are badly wounded, remove them from the castle and replace them with healthier defenders.
  • Always leave defenders in your castle. Make sure they are full-healed before repairing your castle, if it has been destroyed.
  • If you win a War against a Clan that has previously won a war against you, their victory will be cancelled! Don't hesitate to counter-attack in case of defeat in order to restore your reputation and to make the opposing Clan lose points.
  • The Clan's reputation is related to the number of wars it has won and lost. Defending yourself well and not underestimating your opponent are keys to success.
  • Form an alliance with other Clans in order to attack well-defended Castles. In the case of group attacks, once the castle has been destroyed by any Clan the War is over.
  • A Clan can't keep attacking the same opponent. Once he has won a victory for each 100 reputation points of the opponent Clan, he won't be able to attack it anymore
  • Each day your Castle is left destroyed, you will lose reputation points
  • If you attack and defeat a clan with 0 Reputation Points, you will win 0 points.
  • A death during a Clan War is the same as during normal gameplay, you must choose to either: lose 1/2 and return to Dinotown or use an angel potion

Can I upgrade my castle and be using a spell at the same time?

Yes, you can still carry out more traditional upgrades even if your castle is bewitched.

Additional restrictions:

  • The use of scripts is forbidden on DinoRPG. Script detection measures are in place.
  • Nobody will be able to change clan during the last 10 days of the war.