Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Focus Concentration Kaos Path Blazing Twilight Corrosive Archangel
Gaia Path Leafy Dawn Genesive Archangel
Regeneration Saving Pure Benediction Aura Priest
Hermetic Aura
Intelligence First Aid Adrenaline Overload
Sacred Whale
Medicine Hospital Poter
Lightning Conductor Diamant Fangs Vulcan
Elemental Fission Merchant
Celerity Lightning Attack Hazard
Double Hit Career Plan Reincarnation
Lightning Dance Fujin
Grand High Babooner
Lightning Electrolysis


1 Focus E Enhances the strength of the next assault with a Lightning bonus 1 weak
2 Concentration S The assaults always target the same enemy -
2 Regeneration S Increases the speed of health points recovering when resting, The Dinoz recovers 3HP each hour -
3 Gaia Path P Increases the strength of Wood and Lightning defenses by 3 -
3 Kaos Path P Increases the strength of Fire and Lightning assaults by 6 -
3 Hermetic Aura E Give the status Shield, dinoz has a yellow auro and when triggered increases all defense by 6 weak
3 Saving Puree E Cancels all Negative Status of the Group high
4 Leafy Dawn A Regenerates all Dinoz in the Group up to Lightning 2 + Wood 2 health points very high
3 Blazing Twilight A Attacks all enemies with a power of Fire 6 + Lightning 6 high
3 Benediction E Gives the status Blessed to a group weak
5 Genesive Archangel P Increases Wood Element by 2 and Lightning Element by 1 -
5 Corrosive Archangel P Increases the Fire Element by 2 and the Lightning Element by 1 -
5 Priest U Increases the speed of health points recovering of all Dinoz when resting -


1 Intelligence S Increases the experience gain at the end of the fight by 5% -
2 Lightning Conductor C Enables the Dinoz to absorb the lightning energy in some places -
2 First Aid S The Dinoz will recover one health point at the end of the fight if he has lost some life -
3 Diamant Fangs P Increases the strength of all assault by 2 -
3 Elemental Fission C Enables the dinoz to collect all kind of element energy in some places -
3 Adrenaline P Increases the speed of all Lightning attacks by 50% -
3 Medicine S Enables to recover up to 3 health points at the end of the fight -
4 Merchant U Decreases all prices in Dinoland shops by 10% -
4 Hospital Porter S Enables one another Dinoz in the Group to recover up to 5 health points at the end of the fight -


1 Celerity P Increases the Dinoz speed by 15% -
2 Lightning Attack P Increases the speed of all Lightning attacks by 40% -
2 Double Hit P Increases the chances of multi-attacks by 20% -
3 Hazard P Increases the initiative by 7 -
3 Lightning Dance A Attacks 5 times with a Lightning power 3 high
3 Lightning A Attacks one enemy with a Lightning power 10 normal
3 Career Plan S Enables the Dinoz to throw again his element at the moment of his level changing, you can do over the level up segment 1 time -
4 Reincarnation S The Dinoz will be able to be reincarnated from the level 40.
That means that he will return to level 1, he will lose all his status items, all his skills and all his element points. However he will obtain bonus of 5 points in various elements, as he would be in fact level 6. That will enables him to be more powerful once he will have reached again his actual level.


Sprint Lightning Chaos Path
Fire Kamikaze
P Increases the initiative by 6. -
Shock Wood Primal State
LightningGaia Path
P Increases the elements Wood and Lightning. Adds the value of element Wood (onslaught) to Lightning and adds the value of Lightning element to the Wood element. -
Overload Air Elasticity
P Increases chances of multi attack by 15%. -
Electrolysis Water Marsh
P Increases by 5% the Speed of all Dinoz group. -


Buddha Air Awakening
Lightning Concentration
Fire Martial Arts
+10 defense to each element on each dinoz on the team
Hippoclam only.
very high
Sacred Whale Lightning Adrenaline
Water Master Fisherman
Improve water element defense by 20 points for the whole team.
Winks only.
very high
Vulcan Lightning Diamond Fangs
Fire Lava Flow
Attack all enemies with a power of 20Fire
Moueffe only.
very high
Golem Fire Incandescent aura
Lightning Elemental Fission
Increase +20Lightning defense for all Dinoz in your group
Rocky only.
very high
Fujin Air Vacuum Disc
Lightning Lightning Dance
Add 50% of speed to all in the group
Cloudoz only.
very high
Grand High Babooner Wood Charisma
Lightning Lightning Dance
+20% dodge to your team
Tofufu only.
very high
Quetzalcoat Lightning Lightning Attacks all enemies with a Lightning power 40
Quetzu only.
very high
Raijin Air Vivacious Wind
Lightning Lightning
Attacks all enemies with a power of 20Lightning
Glidwings only.
very high

Lightning Sphere SPHERE SKILLS

1 Reflex P Increases initiative by 5. -
2 Sinuous Lightning A Attacks up to 3 enemies with Lightning at a power 10. very high
3 Survival S Allow Dinoz to escape one death in combat. -