Mutant Falls
Atlantean Guard
Mutant Falls (Atlantean Islands)

The Underwater Dome can only be accessed with a Scorpscuba.

Teaches you about Scorpscuba and how to get to Underwater Dome.

Frish Port
Frish Port (Dinoland)

Nobody here seems to ever understand what Joveboze is saying. You have a feeling that it's a local dialect of the Frishers, or even a language which Joveboze has created himself.

You must speak with the Atlantean Guard before he will appear.
Lets you fight the Old Scorpscuba to get Scorpscuba Caller the Scorpscuba Caller.

Old Scorpscuba
Old Scorpscuba
lvl 5
Water Element
Frish Port (Joveboze: Scorpscuba Caller)
This foe is slow, but the attack of its primary element can be very dangerous for low level Dinoz. To fight it you must talk to Joveboze.

See also Master Hydragol