In this game you are a Master Tamer. You can choose to adopt one or more small wild creatures known as Dinoz. They can travel throughout Dinoland, talk with the inhabitants and attempt missions for them. They fight, earn gold and evolve to become stronger and be able to travel to the new areas and perform new epic quests. They can also participate in the campionships, wars and other events.

When you just start up the game, you’ll receive some gold and several items in your inventory. The first thing you should do is choose your very first Dinoz.

On this website you can read about dinoz races, find solutions for missions and quests walkthrough. Here you will find maps, items and skills descriptions - all which is needed to play. Feel free to browse the menu on the left ;)

Keep in mind that this is a RPG game, so you have to find your own way. Here you will not find dinoz builds, farming schemes and other recipes of this type. I give you rules, general knowledge and small tips. You are wise enough to use it and have fun.

If you are confused and don't know what to do next, you can look at tutorial for beginners.

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2.07.2016 Master Zenith missions and
Professor Henderson missions added.
21.05.2016 Smog quest update.
14.07.2015 New dino - Tricerithumps added.
Small improvements.
Magic item update.
Games update.
24.10.2014 Butforce Tournament updated.
Bestiary split to common enemies
and boss fights pages.
Bug fixes and small updates.
24.10.2014 Smog invocation added.
Dojo awards updated.
Bug fixes and small updates.
20.12.2013Added invocations to skill tree.
E/A skill and invocations cost added.
Combat status markers added.
Bestiary (bosses) updated.
New items from Chen's Skillshack added.
Bugs and typos fixed.
18.12.2013New dinoz - Smog - added.
Level 50+ skills updated.
Rhubabao'riley missions fixed.
19.09.2013Celestial Temple quest updated.
Rhubabao'riley missions added.
16.09.2013Guard Captain mission names updated.
Double skills updated.
Path to Celestial Temple quest added.
10.07.2013King quest updated.
25.06.2013Level 50+ skills updated.
Sgt Pepper missions updated.
Status and epic items updated.
Mahamuti description added.
16.06.2013King of Dinotown quest and Captain missions beta version added.
Bestiary, Maps and Ingredients updated.
Kabuki quest updated.
Nicolas Mullot mission updated.
11.03.2013Level 50+ skills update.
Added bosses to bestiary.
5.01.2013Gravity Rock destinations fixed.
Level 50+ skills added (1 lightning, 2 fire, only skills, no desc).
19.12.2012Level 50+ skills page added.
27.11.2012Hippoclamp invocation added.
Skills desing improved.
12.11.2012Bugs fixed: Cassandra missions and Al toys rewards.
14.10.2012Caushemesh quest improved.
9.10.2012Frontpage has changed.
Last update added. Added several amendments to Caushemesh quest, new magic items and corrected Caushemesh monster names.
5.10.2012NEW icon near the most recently added content.
Improved Caushemesh quest walkthrough.
Added Gravity Rock page.
4.10.2012Improved Steppes and Caushemesh maps.
3.10.2012Etherwasp. Added new dino and dino egg.
Added dinoz list/menu on top of the page. Fixed bug in Pteroz' element schema.
Improved Steppes and added Caushemesh maps.
Added Caushemesh monster list.
2.10.2012Caushemesh quest and Cassandra missions. Added to the basic walkthrough without tips and images.