Master Zenith
Brutforce (Dinoland)

What's the point in this dojo?

Inter-Dojo Tournament - in Dojo you can test your Dino against other dinos, but the most important element is the Tournament in which you can win Napodinos, Treasury and Demon Notes (look below to see the details). Tournament is an unique event, because you don't have to be a member of the clan to participate in. So this is the only (expect Alien quest and Katatombs) way to earn Napodino not being a clan member.
This is also the only (expect Tamer Market) way to get Tofufu Baby.

How to start

  • Go to Brutforce and talk to Master Zenith to create your Dojo
  • It does not matter where you build a dojo, dino can fight there, regardless of where they currently are


  • Every day (start at midnight server time) you select your Dojo Team - it is recommended to select minimum 5 dinos
  • Chalenges - five opponents are random, their level depends on the five strongest dino selected by you
  • Combats are always 1-on-1 and have a time limit, consumable objects (like battle ration, poisonite injectons etc.) are deactivated
    • A Dinoz can regenerate health
    • Scale cannot be used
    • Hypnosis cannot be used
    • There is no escape (using Black Hole etc.)
    • The Capture Glove cannot be used
    • Dinoz can only be equipped with permanent objects
  • Fight is not free - you have to spend for it 250gold
  • Your dino don't earn gold and XP by fighting in the Dojo
  • Your Dinoz don't lose HP by taking on a challenge - they always begin the challenge with maximum health, regardless of the current state of dino
  • For every chalenge that you win, you get 2 Reputation points
  • You get additional 2 Reputation points if you fulfill the chalenge objective
  • For every fight that you lose, your Merit value is reduced (Merit represents the number of battles won in relation to the total number of battles taken on)
  • You can remove a losing chalenge (clicking on the small red cross which appears over the challenge), but you will lose 3 Reputation points
  • A Dino can only complete one challenge among the five proposed
  • If you win or remove 5 challenges offered in the day, a new list of 5 challenges you will be given immediately, and all your Dinoz will be available again
  • Your rank in Tournament qualifications depends on the Points, which are calculated on the basis of Reputation and Merit (Reputation * Merit)
  • Dojo qualifications lasts for one month
  • Top 256 dojo masters gets to the Tournament finals
  • Top 50 dojo masters receives Baby Tofufu


  • During the final phase fights will be 3-on-3
    • A Dinoz can regenerate health
    • Scale cannot be used
    • Hypnosis cannot be used
    • There is no escape (using Black Hole etc.)
    • The Capture Glove cannot be used
    • All equipment is permitted
  • You can select your team during qualifications on chalenges page
  • You will not be able to change Dinoz between combats in the final phase
  • Consumable objects can be used
  • If you qualified for the final phase, you won't be able to partcipiate in next dojo qualifications

Prizes in Inter-Dojo Tournament:

  • Champion: The Zen Medal will go to the Master of Masters + 3 Napodinos + 100 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets **
  • Runner-Up: 3 Napodinos + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Semi final: 2 Napodinos + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Quarter final: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes + 100 Demon Tickets
  • Last 16: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes + 50 Demon Tickets
  • Last 32: 1 Napodino + 80 Treasury Notes
  • Last 64: 1 Napodino + 50 Treasury Notes
  • Last 128: 1 Napodino + 30 Treasury Notes
  • Last 256: 1 Napodino + 10 Treasury Notes

Remember, the players with the Top 50 Dojos at the end of the qualification phase will win a Baby Tofufu.