Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Water Cannon Cold Shower Sapper Storekeeper
Gel Petrification Kaar-Sher Beam
Absolute Zero Elementary Teacher
Perception Aperentice Fisher March Electrolysis
Skilled Fisher Master Fisherman Sacred Whale
Tricky Hits Fatal Hits Salamander
Undersea Training Adv. Undersea Training Life Guard
Mutation Underwater Karate Aqueous Clone Tireles
Poisoned Claws Acid Blood Leviatan
Ventral Pouch Without Mercy Odine
Sumo Cooker
Glowing Scales Snakeskin


1 Water Cannon A Attacks one enemy with a Water power 6 weak
2 Cold Shower E Attacks all enemies with a Water power 2 weak
2 Gel A Attacks one enemy with a Water power 5. The enemy is after slower weak
3 Acupuncture P Gives the status of healing. If the enemy lands an attack, the enemy loses 1 life point. The Dinoz gain 1HP. -
3 Sapper S Increases chance of using battle gear by 50% -
3 Petrification A Petrifies an enemy. The enemy is turned into stone and is unable to use any skill or attack for a short time. weak
3 Absolute Zero P Increase the defense against fire by 25 -
4 Shop Keeper U Increases the maximum inventory with 50% -
4 Kaar-Sher Beam A Attacks all enemies with a water power 7 high


1 Mutation P Increases the maximum HP by 30 -
2 Underwater Karate P Increases the strength of all Water assaults and powers by 10 -
2 Ventral Pouch S Enables the Dinoz to be equipped with an additional battle item -
2 Glowing Scales P Increases armor by 2
Quetzu only.
3 Aqueous Clone E Create a clone of the Dino with 1 point of life high
3 Poisoned Claws S If one of the rounds of the Dinoz Water touches an enemy, it is poisoned -
3 Without Mercy S Chooses the target with the least health points for each assault -
3 Sumo P Increases the maximum health points by 100.
The Dinoz will become twice as big: increase size
3 Snakeskin P Increases evasion by 10% and decreases water attack speed by 15%
Quetzu only.
4 Acid Blood S If one of the enemy assaults hit the Dinoz, he can make the enemy lose some life, Dinoz will have a Sparkling Aura -
4 Cooker U Increases the life gain of the items by 10% for all the Dinoz -


1 Perception P Increases the strength of all Water assaults by 4 and enables your Dinoz to attack immaterial enemies -
2 Apprentice Fisher C Enables the Dinoz to fish little fishes in some places -
2 Tricky Hits A Attacks one enemy. In case of success, the enemy lose half of his health points weak
3 Marsh E All the enemies are slow weak
3 Skilled Fisher C The Dinoz can catch big fishes in certain places -
3 Fatal Hits A Attacks one enemy. In case of succes, the enemy lose all of his health points. weak
3 Underwater Training P Increases the maximum health points by 10 -
4 Master Fisher C The dinoz can catch rare and exceptional fish in certain places -
4 Advanced Underwater Training P Increases the maximum health points by 20 -
5 Life Guard S Increases the element of water by 5 -


Bubble Water Sapper
Air Vaporous Form
P Unaffected by all spells/skills without Wood spells/skills.
Bubble is a very good defense skill, it will stop attacks to the % value of (water + air) / (sum of all elements) so for example dino with 30% water and 40% air will eliminate 70% of the attack value. Does not stop the Venerable however.
Elementary Teacher Water Absolute Zero
Fire Combustion
P Increase of 2 elements Water and Fire -
Electrolysis Water Marsh
Lightning Lightning
P Increases by 5% the Speed of all Dinoz group. -
Tireless Water Aqueous Clone
Wood Magic Resistance
P Increases all defenses by 2. -


Sacred Whale Lightning Adrenaline
Water Master Fisherman
Improve water element defense by 20 points for the whole team.
Winks only.
very high
Salamander Fire Blowtorch palm or Vigilance
Water Fatal Hit
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 40Fire.
Feros only.
very high
Hades Air Fetit Breath
Wood Tenacity
Water Tricky Hits
Bugged effect
Santaz only.
Leviatan Air Tornado
Water Acid Blood
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 20Water
Mahamuti only.
very high
Odine Fire Vengeance
Water No Mercy
Attacks an enemy with a strength of 30Water
Sirain only.
very high


1 Vitality P Increases the maximum healyh points by 10. -
2 Liquid Stubs A Decreases the intiative of one enemy by 25. very high
3 Flood A Attacs all enemies with Water at a strenght of 10, and decreases the intiative of all enemy Dinoz by 8. very high