Twilight Cemetary
Twilight Cemetary (Dinoland)

There is an ancient grave in the Twilight Cemetery where all the Dinoland Kings were buried in the past. This place is known as the "Katatombs". The entrance was sealed, but time passing, the seal lost all its power and is now broken. The grave entrance is opened, some Dinoz Masters went inside the Katatombs and reported that this place is full of monsters and treasures.

To get to the Cemetery, your Dinoz must possess Skully Souvenir the Skully Souvenir so you can enter up to 100% healthy dinoz or have 10hp or less and after arrival you must become very healthy.

You can enter Katatombs by using ENTER ENTER action.

The monsters found are the same as in Dinotown with the only addition being the pirhan-os same bad dude that lurks in the Dark World. All monsters occur in numerous groups, so they can cause high damage.



RED - The route to Demon Scroll Demon Scroll - the main treasure in Katatombs allows access to the Demon Shop.
RED Double - have to came back;
BLUE - Route to gold;
GREEN - Route to coffres - one of them contains a secondary important treasure - Gold Napodino Golden Napodino is used to access and possibly purchase a magical item at the Dinotown Magic Shop.


The locked doors can be opened by finding the key that has the same name as the locked door.
The coin caches were about 700 - 1300 coins per cache.
Go in with a team of dinoz. Probably the best number is 2 dinoz
Use Battle Ration and Merguez
Healing skills are very good (Precious Spring; Leafy; Hospital Porter)
You should have a flying dinoz or jump because of the Piranh-oz.
Also skills that attack flying are very good: Mistral, Water Cannon, Poison, Lava Flow etc.
The ghost pirahnz are a lot tougher than the regular ones. They were doing 7 - 8 pts of damage per hit and seem very resistant to special attacks - Cold Shower did not kill them. This may have been due to the ghost pirahnz defense to water. So air attacks (mistral/tornado) might be better for taking out 5 - 6 ghost pirahnz at once.
If a dinoz in the group dies they can not rejoin the group in the katacombs. You have to wait until the entire team has been killed (or the remaining members retrace their steps to the entrance) and can regroup at the entrance and enter as a team.
Enemies do not reset once they have been killed. If enter with a different group they would not find all the enemies back in place.
Always have a good health of your dinoz.
Use the "healing zone" where you can use Bread and Meat pie.

Healing Zones can only be used once. You can use multiple heals on a single dino (or on the group) when in a healing zone. Once you leave the zone you can not use it again. If you return to it a second time it will not be glowing and heals can not be applied a second time.