Mr Bao Bob's House
Mr Bao Bob
Mr Bao Bob's House (Atlantean Islands)

To be able to go to the Magnetic Steppes your dinoz must have Blacksylva Key Blacksylva Key. To obtain the Blacksylva Key you must:

  • Focus 7 dinoz with Korgon Finns Korgon Finns (they can be from the same clan, not only from the same master) at the same time at Mr Bao Bob's house (to do this, talk to Bao Bob).
  • All who participated will get an "enter the portal" option.
  • The focus can be stopped anytime until the 7th joins.
  • All group dinoz that enter will be ungrouped.
  • If you pass the portal, you can only leave if you defeat the Guardian or if you die and resurrect without angel poiton (in the dark world you will find skeleton piranoz).
  • The next 2 moves brings battles against the Pirhan-os (15Hp), since they have flight skill you can lose a lot.
  • Enter the Dark Tower with immediate fight upon arrival against the Tower Guardian.
  • As long as one dinoz from your group survives and defeats the Guardian Tower all in group obtain Blacksylva Key the Blacksylva Key.
  • The victorious group will reappear at Sticky Swamp, however, it is ungrouped again.
  • Each dinoz can only visit the Dark World once. After defeating the guardian, the conversation option to focus at Mr. Bao Bob will disappear.
lvl 18
Void Element
Dark World
These enemies behave just like ordinary Pirhanoz, but their strength is incredible. They have a 70% chance of using Flight and high damage reduction.
Tower Guardian
Tower Guardian
lvl 15
Water Element
Dark World
Immune to four of the five elements (at random). Defense is always full protection from 4 of 5 elements. After it receives damage from the one it had no defense it will reshuffle so it will be protected again by probably 4 new different elements. It slow to attack but will do hefty damage when it attacks.

When your Dinoz have Blacksylva Key the Blacksylva Key they can enter to Magnetic Steppes from Blacksylva Door. After passing Blacksylva Door they will be in Crackling Frontier.